He Who Whispers (El que susurra)

Never let him know your fear.

Penny dies at three am, and at that very moment, the old clock in the corridor of the Morelli sister’s house stops. The night turned darker, and Mrs. Owens Heard someone knock on her door.

We are in Point Spirit, a small town where, suddenly, people start dying. At first sight, all deaths seem to be natural deaths or accidents, but there is something suspicious about all of them. They seem to be the work of a mysterious being that, through dark magic, is causing the deaths.

A writer arrives in the town searching for inspiration for his next novel. He is very interested in what is happening and he gets involved to the extent of hiring a private detective to investigate the origins of the mysterious being. He needs to know his past, his story.

Little by little, it will be revealed that the being was in fact the owner of an old sawmill who was betrayed. Now, he wants revenge for the death of his wife years ago, and all of the neighbours start suffering the terrible consequences of a past almost forgotten.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Malenka Ramos is a writer and business woman born in Asturias (Spain). She started writing mystery, horror and psychological thrillers from a very young age. She became famous after publishing a novel on the internet, which was later published in paper, as it had over a million readers.

Ramos has been named the Spanish Stephen King.

The ending of this electrifying psychological thriller is a true plot twist that moves away from the traditional endings of horror stories and offers us something different and unexpected.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Russian.

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