He’s Watching You (Os vigila)

The killer waits patiently for his chance.

A year after the accident that killed her husband Guillermo, Olivia returns to the house they were renovating in Caberu, a small village in the Asturian mountains (Northern Spain). Olivia decides to finish fixing up the house so that she can put it up for sale, putting the past behind her and turning over a new leaf.

However, every night since her return to the house, she thinks she hears her husband’s voice urging her to run away because someone in the village is out to harm her. She blames these “hallucinations” on the stress of returning to the place where it all happened and tries to ignore them, focusing completely on rebuilding her life.

Olivia strikes up a relationship with Jaime and his two young children, who are spending a few days in the mountains. However, the rest of the townspeople are unfriendly towards her, especially Camilo, a man who lives alone ever since his grandmother disappeared and with whom Guillermo shared a passion for motorcycles. Every time he sees Olivia, he behaves very mysteriously.

Amid strange occurrences, Olivia feels increasingly threatened and senses danger constantly. She begins to wonder if her husband’s ghost is really haunting her and is right in telling her that someone is watching her. Her circumstances eventually push Olivia to investigate the people of the town, and little by little she manages to reveal Camilo’s shady past. A shady man with a childhood and adolescence marked by his grandmother’s mistreatment, which led him to become, as Oliva will eventually discover, a serial killer.


RELEVANT DATA: He’s Watching You (Os vigila) is a psychological thriller with amazingly well-defined characters, which, added to the mysterious atmosphere created, makes for a great story full of tension and intrigue.

Amelia de Dios Romero is a writer who has launched very strongly. She won the First Prize at the International Latino Book Awards with her first book. With He’s Watching You (Os vigila), she was awarded the Marta de Mont Marçal International Narrative Award. Aside from writing, her work with the Girl Scouts of the USA earned her the Outstanding Women Award granted by the newspaper El Diario.


What the critics have said:

“The author has managed to create a story full of twists and turns and increasing tension as the story unfolds. A story of lights and shadows, full of surprises.” Goodreads

“A novel that brings us deep feelings such as fear, loss, loneliness, anger and revenge. But it also touches on love, friendship, and innocence. It tells of paranormal phenomena and of knowing how to listen to our instincts and to the signs that are shown to us. A supernatural touch that has made me fall in love.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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