Official love story (Historia oficial del amor)

Colombia, told through a family love story.

With this best-seller, Ricardo Silva Romero tells us his family story. His destiny, his karma and his luck. Superimposing the history of the nation where they were born: Colombia.

Starting from the present, he continues three generations back. From the hand of his father, a physicist who reads the future; his uncle, who was murdered by communist fanatics; and his grandfather, an acclaimed former liberal leader fallen into oblivion, he tells us the story of two people who love each other in whispers; of two parents who manage to end a tragic family cycle in a turbulent country and of a great love during the conflicts between liberals and conservatives, in the era of Laureano Gomez, during the 50s.

With its protagonists we travel through Colombia during the era of Pablo Escobar, the guerrillas, the National Front and the tense elections of 2014.

A country in constant change and a family that neither gives up nor lets itself be separated, make up this story of love without limits.


RELEVANT DATA: Historia oficial del amor, Ricardo Silva Romero’s most personal book, is a historiographical work. It has received great acclaim from critics and readers, and accumulates tens of thousands of copies sold, as well as hundreds of highly positive reviews in the main literary platforms.

The author has won the Poetry Prize of the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Bogota, the Biblioteca De Narrativa Colombiana Prize and was named one of the 39 most important authors under 39 in Latin America by the Hay Festival organization.


What critics have said:

“I feel that Historia oficial del amor by Ricardo Silva Romero is a tribute and an example of the courage of a man who dares to speak in our culture of tenderness, who dares to make himself vulnerable, who dares to tell us about his duels, his doubts, his loves and heartbreaks in such an intimate, endearing way.” Javier Gnecco

“Intimacy, delicacy and authenticity are three of the dimensions of the human condition that are revealed in this family saga that is at the same time a journey through the labyrinths of life in Bogota and in the country during the last eighty-three years”. Semana.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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