I should have never hooked up with a hipster (No debí enrollarme con una moderna)

Modern isn’t always the best.

Peluche (“Teddy Bear”) is forty-five years old, lives in Barcelona, and is a comic book writer. Although he’s been writing comic books for years, all the fame goes to David, the illustrator. He has a son who lives by himself and who has a girlfriend. His ex is living with him. His father’s health decreases every day that passes, making him even more insufferable, and none of his last boyfriends were right for him. He feels like he’s going through a mid-life crisis at 45.

In a modern art exhibition, Peluche’s friend Álvaro introduces him to some hipsters, but Peluche doesn’t understand anything they’re saying; he feels out of touch. However, one of them, Ismael, catches his attention, and Peluche starts doing everything in his power to adapt to the hipster lifestyle and have more in common with his crush. He starts riding a bike everywhere, taking pictures of food, attending more modern art exhibitions… But despite all his efforts and a wild night with Ismael, Ismael tells him that it’s better if they keep it friendly, no strings attached.

On a trip to Madrid to launch Peluche’s new book, Ismael accompanies his “friend.” But Peluche soon loses his patience: Ismael acts like a diva, constantly complains about everything, and doesn’t let Peluche spend time with other people, while he doesn’t hesitate to go with the first person who crosses his path. Being with Ismael is not what Peluche wants, and on the car ride back, Peluche can’t take it anymore and leaves Ismael stranded at a service area.

Finally, Ismael will end up working as a waiter in a roadside bar, where he must endure the whims of a group of “modern” individuals whom he has to serve.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Sebas Martín is one of the most renowned LGBTQ+ literary voices in Spain and is one of the greatest exponents of national graphic novels.

Martín’s storytelling is characterized by a refined sense of humor with sharp and seasoned dialogues. Moreover, his works often have a slice-of-life plot that any reader can relate to.

He narrates with great clarity the joys and sorrows of ordinary characters, their emotional ups and downs, their triumphs and frustrations, their everyday struggles, and strokes of luck. Each of his graphic novels is a tribute to the joy of living, romantic relationships, and friendship.

The author has won several awards, including the Comic Casal Lamda and Serra i Moret awards. Additionally, they have collaborated in well-known media outlets such as El Observador, Nois, Zero, Shangay, Gay Barcelona, Destinos, and Toyland.


What the critics have said about the author and the book:

“Sebas Martin […] conducts a fascinating analysis not only of the habits of people in the gay scene but also blends it with a hipster modernity that converges in an amusing social clash.”  Cómic Para Todos

“It offers us a sharp insight into the midlife crisis.” La Noche Americana

“It has very funny moments and, in addition to the critique of hipster posing, it also portrays characters with great finesse.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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