Im working on it saga (Saga Estoy en ello)

I’m working on it | I’m still working on it | Players come and go, but sisters stay | I saw it first | Too handsome | My boyfriend, a virus, and the mother who gave birth to me

Life is like a rollercoaster, it has good times as well as bad, but with a good group of friends, everything ends up well.

The history of Salvador begins with “Estoy en Ello”, in Barcelona, at the beginning of the 2000s, during the celebrations of Pride week.

Since his breakup with Sean, he hasn’t been able to find anyone. Bitchy and disenchanted, he walks the streets, building relationships with Bent, Mar, Nabil and other acquaintances. Salvador and his friends go out and enjoy the festivities while searching for the perfect love connection.

But life is not a continuous party. Quique, the cousin of Salvador, returns to Barcelona after his American boyfriend, with whom he had been living with for the past 15 years, passed away.

One of Salvador’s earliest childhood memories is a visit from his cousin Quique; a moment that changed his life. At that time, Quique was working in the Italian film industry, and brought his “friend” Mauro with him. That night, Salvador discovered the love affair between his cousin and the friend, thus discovering for the protagonist a striking new way of life. But those were other times and Salvador had to remain silent.

Quique will finally be unable to go to the trip to Ibiza that Salvador and Quique had planned, as his health has deteriorated rapidly due to his HIV infection. On the island, Salvador meets Xicu, with whom he begins a long-distance relationship.

In I’m still working on it, it’s the summer of 2005, the date of which Spain approves the Equal Marriage Law. At that moment, Salvador reflects on his last year, teaching at a drawing academy and aspiring to have some emotional stability. But he will soon realize that there is no way to achieve this.

Xicu, the boy he met during his vacations in Ibiza, goes to live with him in Barcelona. Salvador was excited at first, but soon realizes that it is not as easy as he imagined. In addition, he is fired from the academy because of a false rumor. A pivotal moment for Salva and his friends, who will reflect on how society is changing with respect to the LGTBIQ+ collective.

In Players come and go, but sisters stay Salvador and his friends delve into maturity: the 40s. Salvador’s life is lonely, since he can’t find love and he doesn’t hesitate to join a dating website to find a partner.

The changes that his family and his circle of friends are undergoing accentuate his feeling of stagnation: his sister is going on a cruise, her colleagues Rafael and Diego plan to adopt a baby, and his friend Rita becomes pregnant. Everything reaches its climax in a meeting of friends in a house on the Costa Brava, which is also attended by a famous television presenter.

I first saw it happens six years later. The life of Salvador and his friends has changed. The family burdens of some of them and the years – which weigh more than the kilos – have made them leave behind drinking and partying to lead a more peaceful existence.

In addition, Salvador has a complicated economic situation working as a telemarketer. But that won’t last long. Values ??such as fidelity or friendship can go out the window at the first opportunity. And so it happens. Rafael and Diego decide to have an open relationship, Salvador and Oriol fight over the same boy, and Rita is a single mother. Learning to navigate this new phase of their lives will teach them what is truly important.

In Too Handsome, Christmas is just around the corner and everyone already has family commitments. On the other hand, Salvador, since he does not have a partner or children, ends up taking care of his mother during Christmas and his godchildren, Isabel and Mael. He spends his time in surreal conversations in an online chat and walks around the city among ‘Santas’ and the unrepentant party-goers of Facebook.

Salvador’s problem with love is that he falls in love with every guy he meets, and it is basically never reciprocated. But everything changes the day he goes to a party which is organized by the LGTBIQ+ sports association, where he reunites with Monty, the hot footballer that his friend Peluche had previously introduced him to.

In My boyfriend, a virus, and the mother who gave birth to me everything starts off wonderfully in Salvador’s life: he is doing well with his boyfriend Monty, his friends are full and relaxed with their family lives, etc. But everything is cut short when Salvador finds his mother unconscious on the floor of his house and is forced to move in with her because he is the only one who can take care of her.

With all these workloads, Salvador doesn’t have much free time for Monty or his friends, and his jealousy runs high. It is a year of many changes and hard blows: his friend Rafa dies, Monty loses his job and finds an irrefutable professional opportunity in Italy, and a virus causes a pandemic that makes everything much more complicated.


RELEVANT FACTS: Saga I’m working on it is one of the most important graphic novel sagas in Spanish literature. Its author, Sebas Martín, has been drawing Salvador for more than fifteen years, and he does not rule out continuing to create new stories that give his characters more continuity.

Martín manages to narrate his stories with a fine sense of humor, with poignant and seasoned dialogues. In addition, it has a traditional plot with which any reader can identify. It focuses on the most important events experienced by Spanish society in the last twenty years, as well as on the social advances and setbacks in the rights of the LGTBIQ+ collective. Martín manages to make something small and personal a universal fact.

The author has won several prizes, including the Casal Lamda de cómic and Serra i Moret prizes. In addition, he has collaborated in various press outlets, such as El Observador, Nois, Zero, Shangay, Gay Barcelona, ??Destinos or Toyland.


What the reviews say:

“One of the most interesting and fresh autofiction sagas in Spanish comics”. Rockdelux.

“Comics with a decided affective imprint that are fully immersed in the daily life of some gay characters. There is no better definition to refer to the graphic novels of Sebas Martín”.

“Sebas Martín has been expanding his ingenuity and developing his graphic novels. Author of one of the most lucid (and fun) approaches to the daily life of a group of gay (and straight) friends who hover around the character of Salvador and remind us that the fight continues”. Belfusto.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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