Irene, or the treasure (Irene, o el tesoro)

Irene is a young widow that recently had a miscarriage. She feels obliged to go to live with her parents-in-law, Dimas and Justina: he is a miserly man and she is addicted to radio’s serials. They have a daughter, Aurelia, a disregarded adolescent. They live with Daniel, who is a guest, Méndez, who is Dima’s assistant; and Sofía, who is Justiniana’s sister. Irene is cruelly exploited by all her family but Sofía, who understands and loves her. Besides, Daniel is in love with her. She lives in a world of reverie with goblins and fairies, although overwhelmed by the memory of the son that lost before being born. However she does not lose hope.


RELEVANT FACTS: Irene, or the treasure is a variant of the Cinderella tale, led to a modest house in any city’s suburb. Although the fracture is initially realistic, the presence of an elf, a voice, a stereotype such us a moneylender or her family, the psychiatrist or the teacher in love allows a treatment with the esthetic of the cinema of fantasy (2010’s revival, Tim Burton’s style) that makes the play fit in an audiovisual production. The game between fiction and reality has been compared with Cervantes’ since the critics cite this play as an example when they talk about quixotism in Buero Vallejo.

Buero Vallejo is the great theatrical author of the twentieth century. He won the Premio Miguel de Cervantes (1986) and the Premio Nacional de las Letras Españolas (1996). In addition, he has received in four occasions the Premio Nacional de Teatro and also the Honorary Max Theatre Award, among many other distinctions.


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, TV Movie, Film


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