La balada de los unicornios (The Ballad of the Unicorns)

Fantasy and science mix in a fight to death that confronts ravens and unicorns.

The School of Artifacts and Trades of London only accepts the most brilliant young people. They are able to create motorized houses, flying hats and all kinds of things. Ágata McLeod is one of the best students. Her achievements are more than praiseworthy, and she should be recognized as a Genie, but her aunt Cornelia, the headmaster of the School, is determined to boycott her.

Cornelia belongs to the clan of the Corvids, while the queen Wendy belongs to the clan of the Albinos. Both clans fought in the past, but know they live in peace. However, Cornelia does not want peace and she unleashes evil where she goes. Only Ágata knows what Cornelia is doing in the shadows, and she will not tolerate her practices of dark magic, which are as dark as her raven spies. Cornelia has kidnapped León, Ágata’s best friend, to extract the magic from him, and she has allied with with the murderer that terrorizes London, who leaves the ragged bodies of his victims, always women from the street.

Ágata will have to travel to the origin of the world in a journey full of adventures and dangers.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: La balada de los unicornios was awarded with the Premio Lazarillo, and thus, its author became the first Galician author to have received this award twice. Ledicia Costas has received many important awards throughout her career, such as the Premio Merlín de Literatura Infantil, the Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil, el Premio Fervenzas Literarias, the Premio Losada Diéguez de Creación Literaria, and the prestigious White Ravens Award. She was selected to become part of the Ibby List of Honour at the International Congress in Auckland, New Zealand.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series or animated film.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Galician, Romanian, Catalan.

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