The publishing house (La editorial)

Family business is all that matters

Founded more than half a century ago in the Basque Country, Egurra Publishing is one of the most reputable in the national literary world. But the sudden death of its founder, Gervasio Egurra, has turned everything upside down.

Gervas, the eldest son, believes he should take over as director, although his sisters, Mercedes and Julia, have other plans. Doña Nieves, the family matriarch, demands that the position be inherited by Emilio Goián, a respected businessman completely unrelated to the family, who proposes changing the traditional business system into a holding, generating even more tension among the heirs.

Everything worsens when Gervas dies followed by more unexpected and apparently unconnected deaths.

Thus, as the Egurras deal with their clashes and ambitions, a police investigation will begin in the captivating publishing world, full of jealousy, hatred, and surprises.


RELEVANT DATA: Toti Martínez de Lezca is a renowned author. Throughout her extensive literary career—with more than 50 books published—she has won the Euskadi de Plata Award, the Pluma de Plata Award, and the Racimo de Oro Award, among others. With her novel “The Publishing House,” Toti presents us an intriguing story between mystery and family drama, where she offers her critical and experienced opinion on the publishing industry. The work—acclaimed for its well-rounded characters, original setting, and mastery in blending genres—has sold tens of thousands of copies.


The critics have said:

“The author plunges us into a family plot full of intrigue, secrets, and revenge, unveiling the realities of the book world in a critical manner. An interesting story that is also very well written and hooks you from the beginning.” – FanFan.

“If someone knows the publishing world, it is her. And she brings us a very critical vision of it.” – Books that must be read (Literary blog).

“The family characters are well-built, some lovable, many hateful. The family part of the book is enjoyable and very easy to read. But beyond the anecdotal, it denounces the internal power struggles, long-held hatreds, and most hidden secrets.” – Babelia.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Basque.

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