The list of impossible things (La lista de las cosas imposibles)

Learning to live the life they never imagined.

When Guim left Clara, just before they turned eighteen, he did so under the pretext that he wanted to live life to the fullest and as much as he loved her, that relationship was not compatible with his plans.

Six months later, the doors to that future Guim had imagined slam shut after an accident that leaves him quadriplegic.

When Clara hears the news, her concern for Guim outweighs the pain of their recent breakup, and she rushes to find him. Thus, between meetings and disagreements, the next six years pass since the accident, in which each tries to find their place in the world. Clara, like most girls her age, between flings, parties, friends, classes, and trips.

Guim from hospital rooms, determined to find a way to fulfill his list of goals, even though, due to his condition, most seem impossible. But neither manages to forget the other, even with the passing of years and new loves. Finally, they realize they will never feel with someone else what they feel for each other.


RELEVANT DATA: Set between the late nineties and the start of the new millennium, The List of Impossible Things is a moving story that, through nostalgia as an emotional engine, the humanity of the characters, and the vivid description of their transition from youth to adulthood, attracts a New Adult audience.

This literary debut by Laura Gonzalvo, winner of the Premi Carlemany, is an autobiographical novel, as the author uses her husband, who is a spinal cord injury survivor, as a source of inspiration. Thus, disability is documented firsthand, avoiding excessive drama and condescension. It is a story of love and growth where quadriplegia is simply one more element. A second installment, also inspired by the author’s life, is currently in development. In it, the new life together of Clara and Guim will be explored.

A future full of ups and downs in which, as hinted at in the epilogue of The List of Impossible Things, they venture to create a company for adapted motorcycles and a family.


What the critics have said:

“The author speaks from personal experience, with simplicity, but also critical awareness.” El Nacional.

“A simplicity that invites one to continue reading a story charged with emotional explosions typical of teenagers, but also, and above all, full of humanity and normality.” L’escriba.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Catalan, soon in Spanish and English.

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