The bad wife (La mala esposa)

Even though the blows are invisible, they still hurt.


After a recent suicide attempt, Gloria has hit rock bottom. Her son has gone to study abroad and at home, she suffers abuse from her husband. Desperate, she turns to Almudena, a successful psychologist who has a perfect husband and seemingly dream life. Unlike Gloria, Almudena has a job that allows her to indulge in every whim. In this case, Eduardo, her husband, is the one financially dependent on her. This is precisely Almudena’s weak point: the insecurities she feels within her marriage, and the jealousy provoked by her husband.

Thanks to a newfound confidence that Gloria acquires during therapy sessions, she begins to go out more and free herself from a suffocating marriage. That’s when she meets Max, a handsome and intelligent man who helps Gloria regain her trust in men. However, Max soon reveals himself to be Eduardo, Almudena’s husband. This is no coincidence: Eduardo’s plan for years has been to murder Almudena to collect her life insurance, and now he can frame Gloria for her death.

Although he succeeds in killing Almudena, the police eventually capture Eduardo. Facing the trauma of having been part of such a terrifying situation, Gloria finds the strength to leave her abusive relationship with her husband, focus on her relationship with her son, and ultimately rebuild her life.


RELEVANT DATA: Estela Chocarro emerges as one of the most promising voices in noir fiction and psychological thriller of recent times, leading her to win the Francisco García Pavón Prize for Detective Novel.

What critics have said: “Through precise and straightforward prose, Estela Chocarro weaves a web in which characters and readers are trapped until the end.” – Susana Rodríguez Lezaun, journalist.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie


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