The gang on wheels (La pandilla sobre ruedas)

Saving the world at full throttle.

Leo and Bea are cousins, neighbors, and best friends. Both share a passion for speed and love competing in races called Barbaric Bolides. Leo drives his kart – car 7 – and Bea rides a Motorcycle – Moto 10 – But since both vehicles are of very poor quality, they never win.

Fed up with always finishing last, Bea has an idea. One early morning, they sneak into the PEDOS Laboratories (Laboratories of Extraordinary Prodigies and Sensational Original Discoveries) where they find all sorts of gadgets: an earthquake-absorbing box, a foot-massaging robot, super-intelligent ants… But what catches their attention the most are tanks labeled “unlimited energy,” “speed,” “quite a character,” “no limits,” and “superintelligence.”

Although a sign warns that the liquids should only be used on plants, Leo and Bea decide to pour a little of each into their vehicles’ tanks, causing a massive explosion.

When the fire subsides, the cousins discover that their vehicles have come to life! Moto10 and Auto7 are now ultra-fast and very entertaining. Moto10 loves to meditate and tell jokes, while Auto7 is quite the rascal.

However, there’s a problem. In the explosion, the tanks of special liquid broke and spilled on the foot-massaging machine, now turned into a supervillain aiming to conquer the world. Although Leo and Bea don’t take it seriously at first, they soon realize that the robot is a threat to the world as it is building a machine to turn humans into its slaves. With the help of some new friends, Leo and Bea will have to find a way to stop it before it’s too late.


RELEVANT DATA: This fun story for the whole family is the work of Amèlia Mora, a successful screenwriter for projects such as The Unit, Snowflake, and a writer specialized in youth and children’s literature. Mora has been a finalist for the Edebé Award for Children’s Literature.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Catalan.

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