The unknown blood (La sangre desconocida)

When Blood is Indelible.


In 1971, the quiet American town of Camel City is shaken by the scandal of the kidnapping of Harriet Byrd, the daughter of a billionaire businessman who owns a cigarette factory employing illegal immigrants. Suspicions fall on Rosario Navarro, her roommate at an exclusive boarding school, a young Mexican woman with whom Harriet seemed to have many conflicts.

In 1973, in Sinaloa, Mexico, law professor Bernardo Ayala meets his students, Rosario and Clemente, a young couple who are part of the League of September 23, a revolutionary group promoting armed struggle against the state. They want to get married but need their parents’ permission due to Rosario’s psychological issues. Bernardo tries to dissuade his students from joining the League’s guerrilla movement, which is relentlessly pursued by the government.

In 2016, Fernanda and Fabián are a couple in crisis after the loss of their baby, but they are still trying to become parents. Fabián is writing a book about the Harriet Byrd kidnapping case, which happened forty years ago. Viury, a student of Fernanda, connects them with Mamá Flor, an elderly midwife living in the mountains. In exchange for helping them, the midwife asks for their help in finding her daughter Amparo, who disappeared years ago and of whom she only has a dress with a strange bloodstain.

With an interesting variety of narrative styles, Vicente Alfonso reveals three stories that delve into social struggles, the defense of minority rights, the pursuit of justice in the Sierra de Guerrero, the emergence of the League of September 23, and the social upheavals of the African American community in the southern United States.



The novel received the National Novel Award Élmer Mendoza.

Vicente Alfonso is a renowned Mexican writer and journalist. Some of his works have been translated into German, Czech, Italian, Greek, and Turkish, and he has received awards such as the National Short Story Award María Luisa Puga, the National Award for Police Literature-IPAX, and First Place in the International Literature Contest Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.


What the reviews say:

“A complete novel full of twists that make you want to lose your mind.” Goodreads

“Vicente Alfonso is a tremendous writer. He weaves the plots with unquestionable mastery.” Goodreads

“A well-adapted novel to the narrated periods. Excellent storytelling with unexpected twists.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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