Last death in Goodrow Hill (La última muerte en Goodrow Hill)

They were never innocent.

Goodrow Hill, a peaceful town hidden in the dense forest, harbors a terrible secret. In one hot summer, 25 years ago, the murder of a man, the kidnapping of a child, and the mysterious disappearance of a young person all coincided. Only a group of friends knows the truth behind these tragedies and have made a pact of silence. But lies, sooner or later, come to light.

Now, the murder of one of the group’s members causes the case to be reopened. Oliver Blunt, an honest cop with a strong personality, senses the truth. But his own daughter, who belongs to the group of friends he must investigate and solve the mystery with, could lead to his own incrimination.

When Mark receives a threatening photo from that summer, he decides to return to the town, join forces, and find out what happened. Clues, photographs, and enigmatic messages torment the group of friends. Someone has returned from the past with a thirst for vengeance. Who among them will be the next victim?


RELEVANT DATA: Santiago Ventura, acclaimed as the Stephen King of the Hispanic world and recognized as one of the most brilliant Spanish writers of contemporary thrillers; returns with his eagerly awaited second novel, The Last Death in Goodrow Hill.

With very good ratings on social media, readers highlight its complex and endearing characters and its thrilling plot that keeps on surprising. A mystery that reminds us of the memorable Twin Peaks series.


Readers have said:

“Intrigue, tension, drama, and mystery in abundance.” Goodreads. “There are many twists I did not expect and that have left me speechless.” Goodreads

“Disappearances under suspicious circumstances, tension that simmers slowly, meticulous investigation, and characters who hide many secrets from the past.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie


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