Leviathan (Leviatán) – TV Series Original Project

Leviathan: the war of everyone versus everyone. Death at one click.

Leviathan’s rules are very simple: first, you cannot talk about Leviathan; second, you cannot write about Leviathan; third, you cannot escape once you are in; and fourth, your life equals one. If you want to end someone’s life, a stranger will do it for you; lack of motive turns the murder into the perfect crime.

But you have to kill for someone else too, as compensation. Once you are in, it is impossible to leave, since it is a secret society.

Diana, a young violist is being chased by a man jeep when she is about to give a concert. She reports the incident, but the police ignores her. It will not be her only persecution. A masked man follows her everywhere. She has a nervous breakdown in the middle of a concert and she is taken to a hospital, but there is no place safe enough for her. She decides to investigate who is behind the persecutions and why they want her dead. She meets Leonardo, who reveals to her the existence of Leviathan.

Diana discovers the intricacies and heart of Leviathan when she gets in… However, will she be able to get out alive?


RELEVANT DATA: Among other TV projects, Luis Cerezo wrote and directed the TV series Los González in Spain, which was later adapted by Televisa (and acquired in many other countries). He has also worked as a screenwriter in films like N@ufragos (HBO), and he has his own producing company, Cinelibre. He also wrote the novel Eo, his literary debut that captivated the world.




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