What mom has left us (Lo que mamá nos ha dejado)

A dysfunctional family comedy.

César (50) has raised his three daughters alone and doing the best he could, or better said, as well as circumstances have allowed him to. According to his daughters, he did it horribly. By accident, on a cold January night, the family reunites to catch up after five years without seeing each other.

Carmela, the oldest, formal, dry and responsable, thinks that Natalia, the youngest, who is sexy and a rebel, has thrown her life away, and it is likely that she will be fired soon.  While Natalia likes her older sister, she hates Mar, the middle child, who is a bit crazy. Mar, when she is not aligning chakras, delousing auras or trying to open a third eye on her forehead with a screwdriver, loves her sisters… and her dad, who has found a new mom. As every family, this one also keeps secrets that can end up bursting on their faces.

The day that Carmela finds out that her husband is cheating on her, she leaves and goes to the cabin in the mountains of Madrid to put her thoughts in order. There, against her will, she finds all her family… and with no possibility to go back, they have no option but to talk… and to find out the family secrets. Among other things, what happened to mom? Nothing serious. A small homey world war. Family stuff, just like yours or mine… but stuff that you don’t tell everybody, of course.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Ramón Paso is a TV screenwriter who has written more than 100 episodes of TV series and programs, among which we find some of the most distinguished Spanish TV shows (Compañeros, Matrimonio con hijos…)

This play was performed in the Lara Theatre in August 2018 with an enormous success.


The critics said:

“A fresh comedy with the clear intention of making us have a good time and with a construction that bets on a TV pace. A proposal of light comedy that hides characters that are not what they seem, as natural as life gets!” Estrella Savirón, A golpe de efecto.

“Moving and especial, Lo que mamá nos ha dejado squanders tons of humanity and denounces with sincerity that dreams are just dreams.” Luis de Luis.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie


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