The sins of Marisa Salas (Los pecados de Marisa Salas)

Time transforms lies into written revenge.


Marisa Salas is a frustrated writer. Married to a literary editor, she works as a teacher, and her life is dominated by utmost discretion.

Her life takes a turn when, through a recommendation from her trusted bookseller, she discovers that the current bestseller “Unfathomable Dreams” is exactly the same as “Sunny Days,” the novel Marisa wrote thirty years ago. Despite its quality, this novel led her to abandon writing. At that time, the success of young writer Carolina Cox, from the same publishing house as Marisa, completely eclipsed her and led her to destroy all copies of her novel out of spite.

Decades later, Luis Isla accidentally finds a manuscript of Marisa’s novel in his house and decides to publish it as his own work. He does so following the advice of his ambitious mother to prove to his disparaging father that he has talent. Filled with insecurities and feeling like a failure in life, Luis clings to the fraud desperately, displacing Carolina Cox as a successful author. He lives in constant fear of being discovered, but as his success grows, so do his ego and his desire for recognition.

Although it is a difficult path since she has no proof of her authorship, Marisa seeks revenge. Even though no one remembers her, the former writer re-enters the editorial world, which she knows perfectly well, and manages to get close to Luis. She intends to sow doubts about his talent to expose the truth. But to achieve her revenge, she must start writing again and confront the ghosts of a past that still hurts too much.

When Marisa manages to gather the evidence that proves the fraud and comes close to success again, she wonders if she really wants that recognition or if she would rather be satisfied with having dethroned Carolina Cox, even if it is under another name.



The Sins of Marisa Salas is a novel that reflects on the passage of time and the meaning of success.

The author, Clara Sánchez, is one of the most recognized writers in the Spanish literary scene, having received the Alfaguara Prize, Nadal Prize, and Planeta Prize, and occupying seat X in the Royal Spanish Academy. Additionally, her novels are bestsellers in Italy, where they have sold over a million copies and have been translated into more than fifteen languages.


What the reviews say:

“Clara Sánchez makes you empathize with the (mis)adventures of her two protagonists with great skill.” Goodreads

“Revenge, betrayal, jealousy, lies, and emotion in a novel that delves into the background of the publishing world.” De lector a lector

“A novel full of impostors and plagiarism, revenge, and bestseller lists.” Planeta


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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