The silenced ones (Los silenciados)

Their only mistake was to be different.

One of the bloodiest dictatorships of the late 20th century was the one led by the Argentine military between 1976-1983. During those years of dictatorship, thousands of Argentinians were detained, tortured, and murdered.

In “Los Silenciados,” Giovanni Claudio Flava transports us to the early years of the Argentine military dictatorship to rescue real events that happened to the rugby team of La Plata, of which seventeen players were killed in four years. To construct this story, the testimony of the only surviving member of the rugby team during the dictatorship’s killings, Raúl Barandiarán, has been essential.¡

The author sets the novel in Argentina in 1978, close to the Football World Cup, the event that the military wanted to use to improve their image abroad.

The novel begins with the murder of Javier, a young member of the La Plata rugby team, whose death sparks the team’s defiance against the military regime with ten minutes of silence before the start of the next game. These minutes of silence become the trigger by which, from this moment on and on the eve of the Football World Cup, the repressive forces target the players of this club.

All of this sets off a spiral of repression that will be met with a collective response from this team: continuing to play rugby matches, even though players are being killed, as a way to stand up to the power.


RELEVANT DATA: “Los Silenciados” is a poignant work that delves into one of the bloodiest and lesser-known cases in Argentina’s political history. Narrated by the sole survivor, the work is a powerful testimony that has been translated into several languages and has received praise from both readers and critics.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Italian, Norwegian, French, Danish, Romanian.

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