Bad decisions (Malas decisiones) (Podcast)

She´s on the run… Now she must find out why.

Miranda is 25 years old and lacks ambition. She is kind, sociable, and friendly, but she has a problem that conditions her life: when any situation makes her nervous, anxiety paralyzes her. She’s always afraid of making a fool of herself and has become sedentary, spending most of her time in her small apartment, sitting in front of screens. Her dull existence takes a turn when she discovers that the police are looking for her… and she doesn’t know why.

Without any time to waste and barely thinking it through, she chooses to flee. Her journey takes her to Málaga, where a group of Argentinians gives her shelter. Here she will start a new job, make new friends, and find love with Germán, a former classmate.

However, the joy is short-lived. The police know her whereabouts and Miranda must flee again.

Fortunately, before they find her, she is rescued by Lara, an eccentric Englishwoman. Lara takes Miranda to an activist, who reveals why the police are after her: Miranda has been blacklisted by a scoring system controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence, which classifies young people based on behavioral rules that have not been approved or informed. Miranda decides to warn her friends, but is terribly surprised to find that they have betrayed her and are now collaborating with Benítez, the agent in charge of her capture. Moreover, her image is all over social media, where people are encouraged not to associate with her.

Miranda has no choice but to resume her flight, which will take her from the Basque Country, where she works with a family of local fishermen, to China, where she hopes to hide behind a great firewall and get the help she needs to end the persecution. There, Miranda will find the true and profound meaning of her escape, and discover that, back in Spain, thousands of people support her and have turned her into a symbol of rebellion.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: “Bad Decisions” is a thrilling audio series produced by La Maldita. The first season, consisting of six episodes full of action, comedy, suspense, and romance, features a stellar cast. Anna Castillo, Goya winner for Best New Actress, plays Miranda, the protagonist; while the rest of the cast includes such notable names as Luis Tosar, Chino Darín, Cecilia Roth, or Natalia Tena.

“Bad Decisions” is currently one of the most listened-to audio series on Sonora. Thanks to its success, it is also the first fiction of the platform to be renewed for a second season.


Critics have said:

“Bad Decisions is a fresh and young series that mixes mystery, comedy, action, and romance.” Señal News

“Bad Decisions, the sound series you can’t stop listening to.” Fotogramas


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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