Middle-aged Quinceañera (Film)

It’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

Cecilia Ortega is 40 years old and has one dream: her daughter Cece must have the wonderful Quinceañera party that she never had. So she spends her monthly budget on packets of beans with the hope of finding one of the five crystal slipper charms so that her daughter can take part in the contest and win the party of her dreams.

However, when, against all odds, Cecilia finds the last crystal slipper, Cece refuses to participate, for she thinks that the Quinceañera party is a tacky and loud tradition. Cecilia gives up, but her best friend, Fanny, calls the TV studio to tell them she found the charm, and, when they get to her house, Cecilia decides to take part in the contest herself.

It won’t be easy. People mocking her (and calling her things like Quinceabuela) will be the least of her problems.

Cecilia will have to face a boycott of the studio and the troubles and misadventures of a beauty pageant for teenagers with a clear age disadvantage. However, she will have the help of her friends along the way. Will she manage to make it to the grand finale?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Isabella Santo Domingo is the author of so many bestsellers, having sold over half a million copies worldwide. She is a Colombian writer, screenwriter, show host, journalist and actress. She was the editor of Shock magazine. Her articles and columns have been published in Colombia and other countries such as Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama and the US. Among her works as an actress we find several telenovelas and Latin American movies, like the Colombia version of Survivor.

The Canal Caracol in association with Sony Entertainment Television aired Los caballeros las prefieren brutas based on the homonymous bestseller written by her and of which she was also the screenwriter. Santo Domingo has also written two short films: Violet is blue and Hello God.

Throughout her career, she has been nominated and has won many awards for her work as a writer and an actress. Some of the most important are the Premio Simón Bolívar, the Premio TV y Novelas, the Premio Mara and the Premio MIDIA. She was also nominated as Woman of the Year by Calvin Klein, Revista ALÓ, Revista Fucsia and Revista Cromos.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.