Moles (Topos) – Original Project for TV Series

No one could possibly imagine what’s going on down there.

A forgotten bunker from the Spanish Civil War. After all this time, no one has contacted its inhabitants. But that’s all going to change very soon because the Moles are running out of food.

Madrid, late 70’s. A man sees how his teenage son mysteriously disappears as he enters an unfinished tunnel. A couple moves to an old house downtown, where their young daughter spends all her time with an imaginary friend that lives in their basement. A veteran police officer diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and a young journalist investigate the disappearance of a homeless man after they find a hand with the rest of the body missing.

Three parallel stories, seemingly unrelated, but all of them merge in the same place: the galleries, the abandoned subway stations, the insides of the city. A dark and unknown subterranean society, with different rules, different inhabitants of whom we’ve heard nothing in the past 40 years.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Moles is an original TV Show project created by two screenwriters with a long career and experience in media: Santiago Díaz and Daniel Corpas.

Santiago Díaz, who has been in the industry for over two decades, has worked for production companies such as StarLine, Videomedia, Boomerang TV, Sony, BigBang or Disney. Some of the series he has been a part of as a screenwriter are Yo soy Bea, El don de Alba, El secreto de Puente Viejo, Hermanas, or El pasado es mañana. Over 500 of his scripts have aired on TV.

Daniel Corpas, in addition to being a screenwriter, is a writer, playwright and entrepreneur. After 15 years of experience in the field, he works for production companies such as Tesauro, Grundy, BigBang, Magnolia, Televisa, Morena Films, Zebra, or MOD Productions. He has experience as a screenwriter for TV in many projects which have aired on the most important Spanish and international TV channels, such as: Centro Médico (RTVE), The Ministry of Time (HBO, TVE), Ciega a Citas (Cuatro), Yo soy Bea (Telecinco), La esquina del diablo (Televisa), Supercharly (Telecinco) or En tierras salvajes (Televisa). He was the showrunner of RTVE’s successful show Malaka, and his film debut, Bajo el mismo techo, was one of Spain’s biggest blockbusters in 2019.

In the literary field, he has published three books. He was also a finalist in the Ateneo Award of Valladolid thanks to his first novel.




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