Mona Carmona and the Enigma of the Sagrada Familia Basilica (Mona Carmona y el enigma de la Sagrada Familia)

The great Basilica holds a great treasure that only a great detective can discover.

Mona, a precocious and brilliant thirteen-year-old Mexican teenager, is an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and any kind of story that challenges her intellect and confronts her with a powerful enigma. She has always wanted to go on a great adventure, especially one where she can put her vast knowledge of encrypted languages, ciphers, and anagrams to use.

Fortunately for Mona, the adventure begins when her father announces that they are traveling to Barcelona to empty her grandfather’s apartment, who has just died at the age of 102. Mona considers it a great opportunity to get to know the city, but to also find out more about Francesc Carmona, her enigmatic grandfather, about whom she knows practically nothing.

After reducing Francesc’s apartment to boxes, the first clues appear: a postcard and a diary. These will be the catalyst’s to Mona’s unexpected adventures. Mona remembers that her grandfather used to give her similar postcards for her birthday and that those postcards were always full of strange letters which she never understood. This last unsent letter is what causes it all to make sense.

Mona discovers that in 1926, as a child, her grandfather witnessed Antoni Gaudí, the famous architect who dreamed, designed and built the Sagrada Familia, being run over. Here, her grandfather received a mysterious message from Gaudí in regards to his last wish. This message, which could cause an enormous impact when revealed, was hidden somewhere in the enormous Basilica and no one, until now, has been able to find it, let alone decipher it. With this information, Mona Carmona gets to work and sets out on an unforgettable adventure. She visits the Sagrada Familia where she meets a young 18-year-old guide with whom she strikes up a friendship.

After several adventures, a first love affair, and many persecutions, Mona will discover the hidden treasure inside the Sagrada Familia thanks to her knowledge of cryptography and her interest in enigmas. She will also learn about the love that her grandfather had for this architectural work, which he wanted to see finished, which explains why he had left the hidden treasure so that, in case it was needed, it could be used to continue with the works in the Basilica.

A story in which the excitement, the danger, the enigmas, the traps, the riddles, and the persecutions of mysterious characters are endless.


RELEVANT DATA: José Ignacio (Chascas) Valenzuela is the writer behind the successful Netflix series ¿Quién mató a Sara? which has become the best non-English language release in the history of the platform in the United States. He has more than thirty published novels and thirteen television series and films in Chile, Mexico, the United States, and Puerto Rico. He was selected by magazine of The New York Times as one of the ten best young Latin American writers.

As a screenwriter, he has received many awards such as Best Screenwriter of the Year by the PROCO Communication Institute and the Diosa de Plata International Film Festival. He was nominated for an Emmy Award (Suncoast Chapter) for his work as a writer of the television series Amores. His telenovela La casa de al lado, broadcast by Telemundo (the second-largest Spanish-language content provider in the United States), won “Best novel of the Year” at the Miami Life Awards. His telenovela Santa Diabla, also broadcast by Telemundo, received “Novela of the Year” at the Tu Mundo Awards.

Mona Carmona and the Enigma of the Sagrada Familia Basilica (Mona Carmona y el enigma de la Sagrada Familia) is a work full of moments of suspense, action and mystery, reminiscent of the acclaimed and successful television series Agatha Mistery. This is the first installment of a saga still in the process of writing of which, in future installments, the protagonist will visit various countries to investigate their cultures and their own enigmas.


What the critics have said:

“An endearing ending and a well-assembled puzzle that helps you recognize that we must focus on the details throughout our lives.” Goodreads

“Mona’s character reacts like a great detective by being playful and intuitive without letting go of her humanity and the psychology of her age.” Goodreads

“The juvenile version of The Da Vinci Code, with facts from classic books, historical enigmas, and unforeseen plot twists as we take a very rich walk through the unfinished basilica of the Sagrada Familia.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series format.


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