My Right-Hand Brother (Mi hermano derecha)

Success does not come to those who have the best hand, but to those who know how to play well with the hand they have been dealt.

Beto is a twelve-year-old boy with an incredible talent for playing baseball. He is considered the great national pitching prodigy in his age category. Toño, his twin brother, also loves the sport and is a very good catcher, though the praise goes mainly to his brother. Both boys belong to the Little League and hope to one day fulfill their dream of becoming professional baseball players.

Everything changes when Beto fractures his right hand, the hand he uses for pitching. His life has taken an unexpected turn and everything he took for granted is put to the test.

The fracture forces him to use his left hand to do all the things that used to come so easily with his right hand, such as brushing his teeth, using cutlery, writing and even returning to the sport he loves so much.

To make matters worse, the relationship between the twin brothers becomes more complicated when Toño begins to play a more prominent role on the team. Finally, Toño has the satisfaction of being seen by his parents, his coach and, above all, by the scouts. This upsets Beto, not only because he is now in his brother’s shadow, but because he believes that his career as a future professional baseball player is ruined. Thus, he must strive to stay focused on achieving what he longs for and he must also fight against himself and those negative feelings that lead him to develop an attitude that is hurting the whole family.

Fortunately, Beto meets Marianela, a classmate and the only left-handed student in the school. In addition to teaching him to use his left hand, she will convince Beto to change his perspective on the situation he is living and his attitude towards life in general. Among many things, she teaches him to not be pessimistic and to always look for the solution to his problems. On the other hand, his coach, a frustrated professional baseball player and former alcoholic, will help Beto in this learning process, advising and guiding him to be the best version of himself. In this way, the coach makes sure that Beto will not fail just as he did when he was younger.

Little by little, Beto begins to change his attitude towards life, matures, and realizes that he is capable of doing many more things than he ever imagined. Thanks to the help of his environment – his friends, his teammates, his coach and his family – the relationship between the brothers is transformed into something very beautiful.


RELEVANT DATA: My Right-Hand Brother (Mi hermano derecho) was awarded the prestigious El Barco de Vapor Award for Children’s Literature. It touches on important and burning issues for both young people and adults, such as the desire to excel, low self-esteem, handling frustration, overcoming obstacles, turning weaknesses into strengths, and above all the love of family and the importance of constant effort and dedication to achieve a goal. It also leads us to reflect on whether talents are innate or are developed through practice, discipline and love.

Narrated in a different and original way from the perspective of the protagonist’s left hand, this is the second novel by the emerging Mexican writer Pamela Pulido, who early on in her career, is a winner of one of the most prestigious awards in children’s literature.

Pamela Pulido has collaborated as a screenwriter in film, television and advertising projects. She is the winner of the National Short Film Screenplay Award “Nárralo en Primera Persona”, against gender violence IMCINE, the “Estímulo a Creadores Cinematográficos” Award, and the “Estímulo fiscal FIDECINE” Award for a feature film.


What the critics have said:

“A wonderful book, with a narrator that gives you a different and original perspective, with a message that reaches you little by little and that is really necessary. Highly recommended.” Goodreads

“It reminded me how hard you have to fight for your dreams.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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