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Arriving to the old age, Alfredo, a widower and an important financer who is interested in the weaponry industry, wants to mend the mistakes of his youth, like the rape of his maid, Lorenza, or the cold relationship with his children, Sandra and Javier. It turns out it is more difficult than he thought, especially with Sandra, who falls in love with her literature teacher, a Nicaraguan from the Contras whom he bribes to keep her away from her daughter with disguised economic donation to the Contras’ revolutionary cause. He also wants to reestablish his relationship with Isolina, neighbor and Sandra’s friend, whom he fell in love with. Sandra dies brutally at the hands of a drug addict and Isolina rejects him, culminating Alfredo’s failure.


RELEVANT FACTS: The play has a complex structure with several narrative planes open to the present, such as revolutionary politics and drug addiction from a family-centered point of view.

Buero Vallejo is the great theatrical author of the twentieth century. He won the Premio Miguel de Cervantes (1986) and the Premio Nacional de las Letras Españolas (1996). In addition, he has received in four occasions the Premio Nacional de Teatro and also the Honorary Max Theatre Award, among many other distinctions.


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie


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