Ophelia and the glass dream (Ophelia y el sueño de cristal)

An intimate portrait about the different forms of love.

Helena has an uncommon hobby: defying gravity and mastering heights. Ever since she became aware that she carries the Huntington’s gene, which could awaken a serious disease at any minute, she spends countless hours a day at the rock-climbing gym, because climbing is the only thing that makes her feel in control. It’s there that she meets Nico, an attractive and introverted climber. The mutual interest between them is evident. However, Helena doesn’t know how to confront the situation and self-isolates. Their transition from friendship to romance is gradual, as well as sweet, and when they finally take the leap, a deep love arises that binds their fates irrevocably.

Helena shares her big dream with Nico: to free climb Madrid’s Crystal Tower. And Nico shares his dream with her: to buy Ophelia, an abandoned shop in the Literary Quarter, and turn it into a bookstore.

Nico strives to understand Helena, and although she never gives up her dangerous passion, their relationship helps him forget his obsession with death. Ophelia also becomes a dream that fills him with hope. But Helena keeps sending letters to a mysterious lover from the past.

With an unexpected twist, we discover that the mysterious love letters were addressed to Nico, who died in a car accident a couple of years ago. Helena had been telling us the story of her first and greatest love.

Years have passed, and Helena has moved on with her life; she’s resumed her studies and has started a relationship with a kind guy, Alex. Although part of her can’t forget the past. Her life takes another turn with the arrival of Isaac, a young medical student, rebellious and adventurous. Isaac is the stereotypical bad boy, a womanizer, and he is the lead singer of a rock band. Even though she knows that getting involved with a daredevil is not the best idea, Helena can’t help the attraction she feels for him. Apparent mutual disdain soon turns into friendship, and friendship into passion.

Guided by Isaac, Helena begins to accept the situation: gradually, she stops chasing the memory of Nico and starts living without fear of the future.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: “Ophelia and the glass dream” is the story of two great romances: an endearing first love, and the passionate relationship that helps overcome it. Thus, this work —which also features captivating subplots, like the relationship between Sofia and Eva, Helena and Nico’s best friends— holds great potential for adaptation into a series or multiple films, and it reminds us of renowned sagas like “Three steps above heaven” and “I Want You”, based on the novels by Federico Moccia.

The author, Paula Gallego, is one of the most promising voices in Spanish Young Adult literature. She primarily writes romance and fantasy novels, and her books have been well-received by readers, granting her a significant following on social media. Additionally, Gallego has been finalist for the Ateneo Joven de Sevilla Novel Prize.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV-Movie.


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