To see you smile (Por verte sonreír)

Love in the heart of a hospital.


Sofía has sacrificed a lot for her dream of becoming a doctor. After a terrible event that filled her with guilt and forced her return to her hometown, she finally returns to Madrid to continue her studies. She begins a residency in the internal medicine department of a hospital. She is not willing to give up on her dream after so many sacrifices, but the past and her insecurities still weigh heavily on her.

Marcos is a nurse whose passion for his job was born from his father’s long illness, seeing how the nurses and doctors dedicated themselves to his father. Marcos promised to protect his mother, sister, and niece, and now they are the center of his life.

Sofía and Marcos are very different. Sofía is distant and avoids connecting with her emotions, focusing solely on being a good doctor. Marcos is empathetic and goes out of his way for others.

But ever since they met in the elevator, they can’t stop thinking about each other, starting a love story that slowly strengthens through encounters filled with tension and passion.

Sharing the workspace, Sofía and Marcos constantly cross paths, to the point where sparks fly. Their colleagues Jaime, Esther, Natalia, Gloria, and Carlos will witness this slow-burning love.

However, their relationship is not without difficulties. Sofía’s issues with her father and her increasing depression, along with Marcos’ devotion to his family, prevent their paths from fully crossing.


The work was part of the second edition of the Adapta Book Madrid event, which aims to foster connections between the editorial, theatrical, and audiovisual sectors. The novel currently ranks high in the medical romance category on Amazon.

The author, Esmeralda Romero, is a writer of contemporary romance novels with a focus on mental health. Her works have a strong presence on social media and enjoy great support from regular readers of the genre.


What the reviews say:

“Reading this book is like watching a season of Grey’s Anatomy (…) it delves deeply into cases and takes the opportunity to focus on various aspects such as mental health.” Goodreads

“Hospital setting, family, friendship, mental health…; an ideal story for lovers of medical series.” Goodreads

“A slow-cooking love story, set in the hallways, shifts, and elevator encounters of a hospital.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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