Project 0 (Proyecto 0) – Original Project

Several decades ago, the existence of Gen 0 was discovered, a strange mutant gene that allows some humans who possess it to develop superhuman abilities. This is what members of “Project 0” have in common, a group of seven supermen of different nationalities who, recruited by Aaron Spellman – a mysterious diplomat – and led by Man 0 – the first documented case of this gene – work for the UN with the aim of preserving the law in the world. What these heroes do not know is that behind all the good they do, there are dark plans of international leaders hidden. Project 0 is a sixty-minute action series where a group of genetically mutated people must strive not only to save the world, but to know who they really are, by accepting themselves and by getting humanity to accept them. Seven heroes who just want to be people.


RELEVANT FACTS: Ramón Paso is a screenwriter, playwright and a stage director, born in Madrid in 1976. He is the grandson of the playwright Alfonso Paso and great grandson of the writer Enrique Jardiel Poncela. More than 100 episodes written by Paso, between series and shows, were released on TV; among them are the most popular TV series of Spanish television, such as “Compañeros” or “Matrimonio con hijos”.


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL FORMATS: TV Series of 22 episodes (60 minutes of duration).


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