Red and in a Bottle (Rojo y en botella)

An unlikely tandem made up of a human cop and a vampire cop hunt down a dangerous killer.

Vampires and humans live in peaceful coexistence, but inhabit different regions. Vetusta is the human city, a chaotic and dirty place where poverty and misery reign. New Transylvania is the city of the vampires: a modern, lush landscape, with a high standard of living, where crime has been practically eradicated and the only concern is the illegal immigration of lycanthropes, zombies and humans.

However, there is a killer who is going to turn New Transylvania on its head. The investigation of the crimes falls on Julian Van Helsing, a late-night, hard-drinking, human cop, descendant of an ancient family of vampire hunters, who is called to move to New Transylvania because of problems at his current station.

Everyone laughed at him in Vetusta, especially after a hacker posted videos of his police blunders on the Internet.

Van Helsing will have to work side by side with Vicente Rebolledo, a vampire police inspector whose eternal life was quiet and peaceful until this killer appeared in town. Vicente is a quiet vampire, prone to repeat everything that is said to him, which drives the rest of the world crazy.

Julian will have to adjust to his life in New Transylvania. So will Raquel, his wife, who travels with him to work for the world’s most cutting-edge technology company.

RELEVANT DATA: Sergi Escolano is a Spanish author. He has worked as a scriptwriter for the Spanish production company El Terrat and the Spanish television channel TVE, and has collaborated in publications in newspapers such as El Jueves. This comedy crime thriller is very adaptable for a series project in any Spanish-speaking region with both an urban and modern location.


The novel has been very well received by the public. Here is what they’ve said:

“Escolano opts for direct parody, with a text riddled with references and allusions to popular culture – and Spanish culture – that makes us cackle because of how recognizable they are in the literary, cinematographic, and musical fields. Thus, you can suddenly find yourself in an alternate version of Twilight as quickly as you see direct references to The Princess Bride.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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