Trail of corpses (Reguero de cadáveres)

First, they snatched their lives, then the possibility of being remembered.


Ricardo Pacheco, Diana Teresa, Abbi Lizbeth; these are some of the 35 victims who starred in one of the largest massacres in recent history in the state of Veracruz. “Trail of Corpses” portrays the northern area of the port, a place of thugs and bad people, not necessarily poor, although there are some, but rather violent people, somewhat savage, characteristic of port cities. When you go out on the streets, you have to earn respect, and the tests among young people are tests of physical endurance.

But how did violence escalate to this point, and why wasn’t the case thoroughly investigated?

These are the questions that Juan Eduardo Mateos Flores answers in “Trail of Corpses,” delving into a tragedy perpetrated by the leading drug cartels at the national level.

However, Mateos Flores argues throughout the book that the roots of this event are more complex and profound. The state government, specifically the administration of former governors Fidel Herrera and Javier Duarte de Ochoa, allowed organized crime to unify small gangs and recruit them from all neighborhoods of Veracruz. The political negligence of Herrera and Ochoa quickly generated a brutality never seen before in the streets of the state, culminating in the massacre that occurred on September 20, 2011. Through a journey through the sociocultural map of Veracruz, passing through the political incompetence of the governors, and ending with the victims, Mateos Flores paints a raw and real portrait of violence, denouncing that if it is not addressed in time as a social symptom that something is wrong, it can only lead to utter chaos.


RELEVANT FACTS: Mateos Flores has collaborated in various Mexican media as a freelance writer and columnist. Committed to the social reality of his environment, in 2022 he obtained the PECDA (Program for the Stimulation of Artistic Creation and Development) from the State of Veracruz for the development of various writing projects.


What the critics say:

“A brilliant pen that portrays the harshness of paradise” – Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



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