There is a clandestine group of people whose mission is to rescue people who have fallen into the hands of destructive cults to give them back their freedom and their own personality. And, to achieve that, they must do the same actions as these cults: manipulate their brain with coercive techniques until the victims remember who they were. But what happens when this group is formed by a psychologist with suicidal tendencies, a mountain brigade man who lost his son, a traumatized mathematician and an unscrupulous journalist? Reset is an action and suspense series, with a grat psychological load, where four devastated peopled risk their ethics and their sanity to save others, looking for enemies too dangerous to leave unscathed. Because to preserve the good, sometimes you have to do bad things.


THEMES: Dystopia, Manipulation, Survival, Moral Dilemma, Society


GENRE: Drama, Suspense, Thriller, Psychological, Futuristic, Action


DEVELOPMENT: Pilot episode, plot summary and storyline of the first 13 episodes (1st season.).     



Ramón Paso is a screenwriter, playwright and a stage director, born in Madrid in 1976. He is the grandson of the playwright Alfonso Paso and great grandson of the writer Enrique Jardiel Poncela. More than 100 episodes written by Paso, between series and shows, were released on TV; among them are the most popular TV series of Spanish television, such as “Compañeros” or “Matrimonio con hijos”.


FORMAT: TV Series 13×60’.

Number of seasons: Indefinite

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