Rocío Dúrcal: Follow Me (Rocío Durcal: Acompañame) (TV Series)

A diva with a voice of her own.

Rocío Dúrcal was destined to be a star. Her first television appearance made her the icon that Spanish cinema yearned. Success would soon follow, thanks to the films and songs that allowed the whole world to watch her grow from a little girl to a woman.

She was a visionary in fashion, bringing the first miniskirts and lots of color to the gray Spain of the 60s. She broke molds and taboos, and anticipated future transgressions by experimenting with gender roles in several of her projects.

The most Mexican Spaniard, “La Reina de las Rancheras”, the lady of the song, Dúrcal has gone down in history for embodying the soul of Mexican popular music and, above all, for being loved by her legion of fans for her authenticity and overwhelming personality.

Dúrcal sold more than 40 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling Spanish-speaking women in the industry. Today, her name is synonymous with box-office success and popularity, but also with sweetness, innocence, and self-confidence.

Rocío Dúrcal. Follow Me (Rocío Dúrcal. Acompáñame) not only tells the story of her artistic career, but also her life behind the scenes, her unique personality, her closest relatives, her friends… It narrates her life from her birth until her untimely death in 2006 as a result of cancer. A timeline where the actress dissects each of her films and reveals some unpublished data.


RELEVANT DATA: Some of the voices that accompanied her at key moments are used in this tribute to a star that reached the top. Celebrities such as Conchita Goyanes, Paco Valladares or Mónica Randall project an in-depth overview of the artist.

Rocío Dúrcal. Follow Me (Rocío Dúrcal. Acompáñame) has been well received by the public and the press. José Aguilar is a writer and film journalist specialized in Spanish cinema. He has worked in media such as ABC, El Mundo, La Razón, El Correo Gallego or El Economista, as well as in Cadena Cope or Telemadrid. He is the author of numerous books and biographies on Spanish cinema.


What the critics have said:

«A tribute to that golden age of the sixties and seventies, where emphasis is placed on something that people seem to have forgotten, which is that Marieta (Rocío Dúrcal), before selling more than 40 million records, dedicated twenty years of her life to cinema and theater.» ABC


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series.