Saga 14/7

The Discovery | Fusion of Axes | Division of the Alters

These girls will have to face something darker and more complicated than their adolescent days in high school.

Four girls with four very different lives find themselves in an oddly similar situation: they are forced to move to Buenos Aires from different parts of the country. They find comfort in the fact that they have each other to lean on, as they are new to the school and have to face the challenge of being accepted. This leads them to an easy friendship.

Slowly but surely, we will get to know each of the girls and the peculiarities as they navigate adolescence, and everything that comes with it: being accepted, first loves, self-doubt and family problems. Thanks to this, the relationship between the girls is strengthened and prepares them for a situation that they don´t see coming.

There is something that unites them beyond this. The girls realize that their lives are all intertwined in some way and a series of strange events makes them wonder if their meeting was not a coincidence at all. Is fate trying to tell them something?

In Fusion of Axes, the girls are well aware of why their paths crossed and they understand that they have a goal to accomplish together. They will discover the existence of a different human race, a race to which they all belong. Each one has a different power (such as healing or mind control) and they will use these powers to fulfill a mission and save the “divergents” like them. They meet Agustín, a tech-savy classmate with a mysterious past, who will become their best friend and help them fight what fate has put before them.

Five years later, Division of the Alters, the girls´ friendship is still intact, and they continue to adventure together. The group receives a mission: the Alternate Front, a group of enemies, is looking for an ancient gem and together they must find a way to stop them. In their brave attempt, they run into more obstacles that threaten them.


RELEVANT DATA: Pamela Stupia is one of the most popular and best-selling Argentinian authors of young adult fiction. She is praised by her fans who amount to a whopping million followers between her YouTube channel and her Instagram. The 14/7 Saga boosted the author’s literary career and quickly sold hundreds of thousands of copies, becoming one of the best-selling sagas in Argentinian / Latin American young adult literature.


Critics said:

“The creation of each character is well executed as the author has taken the time to craft them both physically and emotionally, especially within the girls´ group. They are all so different, but she has found a way to unite all of them through the similar situations that they find themselves in, creating a truly unbreakable bond.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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