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7 books for Eva| Death without resurrection | Coffee and cigarettes for a funeral

Murderers don’t hide; they run away from her.

7 books for Eva is the first installment of the saga of Inspector Eva Santiago. This book delves into the origins of Eva, who hides a dark past. During a summer night in 1999, young Eva appears at a gas station, badly wounded and bleeding. She had disappeared two weeks before, after spending the night with her classmate, and from the first moment all the clues pointed to a crime of passion. Her family had to endure two long weeks of waiting, not knowing whether their daughter would return alive: her mother was living the nightmare of not knowing what happened to her daughter, but her father seemed more concerned about his political career than Eva’s fate. To save herself from the hands of the criminal, Eva will have to rely on herself, which makes her forge a strong personality and a unique ability to deal with criminals.

In Death Without Resurrection, a series of murders threaten the quiet town of Ourense in the middle of the Ester celebrations. The murders are seemingly unrelated to each other. But a sign of the killer’s identity makes it clear that it is the same person: Emma, a highly intelligent girl with an elaborate plan and a motive that leads her to act in this way. Eva Santiago, police commissioner, will be in charge of the case. Thus begins a race against the clock to prevent more deaths.

In Coffee and cigarettes for a funeral, Dr. Delfín Sánchez enters the Ourense police station in the early hours of Friday, July 19, to report that, for the past year, he has been receiving a letter every month announcing his death. But during the last month he has begun to receive a letter every day, setting his death for July 20 at seven o’clock in the evening, the date of his fiftieth birthday. In addition, in the last few hours she has also started receiving wreaths for her funeral. Eva starts an investigation at full speed not only to know the identity of the criminal, but also to avoid the killing of Delfin Sanchez.


RELEVANT DATA: With a surprising narrative, the Eva Santiago Saga has reached the top of the sales charts in Spain and a great international acclaim. Roberto Martínez is currently working on a fourth installment of this successful saga.

All the books in the saga have appeared on Amazon’s bestseller list in Spain and Mexico. Coffee and Cigarettes for a Funeral reached 300,000 downloads on Play Store.


What the critics say:

“[On Death Without Resurrection] It is a fast-paced novel, direct and full of emotions, with a more than perfect ending. Definitely one of the best novels of the year.” Algo más que libros literary blog

“[About 7 books for Eva] Roberto has managed to write an impeccable novel, making the action go from less to more and keeping the reader hooked from the first moment.” Moobys literary blog


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese.

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