Saga President by Surprise (Saga Presidenta por sorpresa)

President by Surprise | Suddenly Disobedient

She wanted to be class delegate but became president of the nation.

Marta Chacras is 13 years old and she was never interested in politics. However, after a quarrel with her biggest enemy and classmate, Héctor Rufián junior, the son of the nation’s president – and although she only wanted to beat him in the election for class delegate – due to a terrible mix-up she ends up becoming president of the country Betulia.

Betulia is a little country surrounded by a big forest, threatened by Héctor Rufián father’s plan, who wants to cut it down and build a golf course. Marta’s mother, arts professor, vegan and ecologist, taught her to love and respect nature, so trying to stop the ex-president becomes a personal matter. When Marta gets to the power, she has to start making decisions, in some she will succeed, but in some others, ill advised, she will fail.

Marta is a very special and funny protagonist. Apart form being president, she will also have to face other difficulties typical of her age. We learn from her mistakes and we enjoy her ideas, pranks and plans with her best friends Agata, -who loves science and technology- and Javi -who loves cooking-. With their help, Marta will create the Stars and Cool Stuff Office, and she will hire the lead singer of Euphoria, her favorite band, to sing the national anthem.

In Suddenly Disobedient, Marta and her classmates will go on a trip to the theme park in the neighbouring country. Adults there are too strict with their kids and Marta wants to help them by planning a whole revolution in which they will create a new microstate within the theme park. There, all kids are free to do whatever they want: there are no curfews, they can eat as many sweets as they desire, etc. But Marta, as head of the revolutionary movement, will soon realise that a country with no restrictions is not that idyllic.


RELEVANT DATA: President by Surprise is a saga composed of two books: President by Surprise and Suddenly Disobedient. This saga has big amounts of humour and describes all sort of crazy situations. Readers can easily feel identified with its characters, due to all those idyllic realities that everybody has sometime dreamed about. Moreover, the saga has educational components, and tries to make kids understand common situations from the adult life through fictional and softened events.

Sara Cano is a writer specialized in kids and young adult literature. She is also an editor for other authors.


What the critics have said:

“Very entertaining and enjoyable, with a lot to say about politics and about life, responsibility, humanity, family, friendship, self-criticism and second opportunities. I recommend it to everyone, no matter the age”. Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Korean.

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