Saga Someone for You (Alguien para ti)

This is not your typical boy meets boy story.

Oscar is a 15-year-old high school boy who is hiding a secret from everyone, including his friends: he is in love with Pablo, his popular, sporty, handsome, and flirty classmate who he doesn’t think he stands a chance with.

Oscar is a young, hard-working, timid, and clumsy boy who gets bullied for being gay. His family equally doesn’t accept him, and they continuously threaten him to out him against his will.

His life takes a 180º turn when he decides to confront his family and his bullies to fight for what he considers fair: to be happy and make the people in his life happy. He decides to skip the end of school trip, so that he doesn’t have to be around his bullies.

During this time, he still has to attend class, and to his surprise, he finds out that Pablo also skipped the school trip and will be staying at school. Because of this, they both have a whole week to get to know each other and spend time together. Pablo and Oscar fall deeply in love, but they are forced to interrupt their romance once Pablo goes to the United States for the summer.

Pablo ends up spending more time in America than expected so when the new year starts, the couple start a long-distance relationship, and during this time Oscar becomes closer to his classmate Albert, -who is also gay-, and to Cris and Celia, his new best friends.

Albert is head over heels in love with Diego, the “bad guy” in their year. This will lead to heated discussions between Oscar and Albert because Oscar thinks that Diego is a homophobe, and he is trying to warn his friend about it. But Albert is too hurt and decides to attack Oscar, by telling him that Pablo is only dating him to have sex with him.

In the end, Pablo returns to school and the whole year prepares for the event of the season: the ski trip. But this comes with a fair deal of problems for the couple, as the director doesn’t want Pablo and Oscar to sleep in the same room. The couple also argue because Pablo is angry with Oscar for not confronting his dad.

On the ski trip, Oscar’s friend Alba comes out as trans, and asks him to start calling him Andres. Oscar and Albert become friends again and Albert discovers he is in love with Oscar.

When they come back from the ski trip, Oscar and Pablo begin to be brutally harassed, and Oscar’s father kicks him out of the house for being gay. Moving in with Pablo isn’t an option, so Oscar moves in with his aunt. But this whole situation takes a serious toll on Oscar’s mental health, as he starts to develop anxiety.

His group of friends start an activist group called “It’s not fair” to fight against bullying at their school. The relationship between Pablo and Oscar keeps moving forwards, and although the couple loves each other, their relationship becomes unstable when an old friend of Pablo reappears in his life, and when Oscar starts to receive anonymous and mysterious messages from a boy.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Someone for you has been number one on Wattpad in categories such as Young Adult and LGBT and has been top 20 in categories such as Romance and Love. The book has been read more than one million times on the Wattpad platform in several countries such as Spain, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile, where it also has tenths of thousand comments and ratings. It was eventually published on paper, and it was printed four times in only four months since it was published.

Juan Arcones decided to continue the saga after his readers encouraged him to do so. He has published Someone for you and Someone for us, the second and third book of the saga.

The novels are told in a kind and friendly manner, and they have the potential to become the Spanish speaking Heartstopper. Other references are Love, Simon; the The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Smiley.

Apart from writing, Arcones is also a director and screenwriter. He has been part of several audiovisual projects that have earned important awards, such as “Holden”, which was selected at the Cannes Film Festival.


The critics have said:

“Juan Arcones is an author who’s work is relatable for adolescents, but also has a perspective that is full of nuances that connect with any adult”. Amazon

There is something about Juan Arcone’s style which makes you delve into the story; you can really tell he is also a scriptwriter”. Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.


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