On the fly (Sobre la marcha)

The rules are there to be broken. And he broke them all.

Javier is one of the members of the García-Pelayo clan, a family saga that has become a cult symbol for discovering a method that made all the casinos in Europe and the United States go bankrupt in the 90s. Javier is the younger brother of this clan and their lives are a collection of bizarre and hilarious adventures, very much in the vein of the rest of the family.

Javier grew up in a very Catholic family in the 50s. But his brother Gonzalo’s trips to Paris meant that Javier soon caught up with the wave of the new musical trend that was beginning to appear in Spain: Rock & Roll.

It was the 70s and, at the age of 19, Javier became the road manager of the progressive and underground rock band “Smash”, made up of young people from Seville who played blues and Rock&Roll. They start the tour with a performance at the Utrera fair and embark on a trip to Madrid that will change their lives and the history of music. What was going to be a week of success, turns into a few months of living in the capital city, combining humorous situations with others of hardship. Without knowing it, they were creating a new industry, without which phenomena such as Camarón de la Isla could not be understood. During his adventures, Javier ended up arrested for smoking marijuana because of the Social Dangerousness law, and he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Javier takes us on a journey to the end of the dictatorship through his experiences, in a perpetual desire to seek free-dom. Some “stoner” memories, which chronicle those days of music, psychedelia and apotheosis.

Years later, Javier will be an accomplice, along with the rest of his brothers, of the adventures of Gonzalo, the eldest, through the casinos around the world.


RELEVANT FACTS: On the Progress, the first volume of the memoirs of Javier García-Pelayo, brother of Gonzalo García Pelayo, known for devising a method with which he became a millionaire in casinos in Europe and in Las Vegas.

Javier García Pelayo discovered some of the most relevant Spanish rock bands of the 1970s. He was the founder of Movieplay, the label that promoted Andalusian rock by disseminating the music of the most emblematic bands of the moment. As a road manager, he was involved with many figures of the time, such as Smash, Triana, Alameda, Cai, Imán, Azahar or Medina Azahara.


What critics say about the author and his work:

“He has lived a hundred times and it is not a saying. Javier García-Pelayo has been a rogue in a disappeared Seville, a manager in Madrid, a player in Las Vegas, an Andalusian rock fancier and a pioneer of Spanish rock”. La Razón

“His fun hooks you from the beginning. Portrait of the awakening of Spain in the 70s told by a person who only sees barriers as entertainment”. Opinion in casadellibro.com

“It devours like a hurricane.” Opinion in casadellibro.com


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV-Series, Mini-series, Film, TV Movie.


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