Story of a Contemporary Witch Trilogy I: A Witch Without a Broom


What if witches are not like we’ve been told?


Diana’s past hides a secret that obsesses her: she does not know her origins. Why did they abandon her as a baby, at the door of the orphanage inside a black drawer, and with an enigmatic book of red covers with blank pages? Why do supernatural events happen around her?

When she meets Alan, Diana leaves everything behind to go live with him. However, Alan breaks up with her and Diana is forced to search for a new place to live. She finds an appartment in downtown Madrid, in a building full of strange tenants who are a lot like her. After settling down in her new home, Diana resumes her investigation about her origins and the supernatural events that happen more and more around her. She befriends her new neighbors, and finally understands that her former life was a sort of transition that has allowed her to accept that she is a witch, a contemporary witch trapped in a time-space that does not belong to her. Even the attraction she feels towards Desmond seems to come from a long time ago, perhaps from centuries ago.

When it seems like every piece is put into place, Diana unconsciously puts a stave that Alan gave her inside her drawer, and suddenly she goes back to the past, to the apartment she shared with Alan, as if nothing had ever happened.  It seems like everything has been a dream, but she knows the truth: she has traveled back in time.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: This is the first installment of the trilogy of the Story of a Contemporary Witch (Historia de una bruja contemporánea), a story full of human values and magical realism through which we are shown the true sense of life.  It is a saga that breaks up with the myths of witches linked to potions, covens and dark arts.

Antonia J. Corrales is a Spanish author, translated into several languages and consolidated as one of the bestelling Spanish authors in Amazon in England, France, the US, Spain, Germany, Italy and Latin America. She is a longseller author, with a novel in the top 100 for over 7 years. Besides, she has been awarded with over 20 short story competition awards.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


THEMES: Magic, Love, Death, Love Triangle, Search for Origins, Witch, Journey, Investigation, Suspicion, Reincarnation.

GENRE: Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, Romantic, Female-fiction.

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