Strangers (Desconocidos)

Never fall in love with someone on the internet.

Two seemingly different plot lines that develop simultaneously are bound to blow up like a ticking time bomb. Lara and Gerard make up the first story. These two have been nestling in each other’s DM´s on twitter for some time now and have finally arranged to meet in person for the first time ever – a blind date.  Up until this point, they have exchanged many things: their hopes and dreams, their fears… although the only thing they don´t know about each other, and perhaps the most important thing of all, is their true identity. Lara is a 17-year-old who has just gotten out of a very toxic relationship. Gerard, on the other hand, is a shy, 19-year-old college student that is sick and tired of relationships based solely on looks and physical attraction. After all, this is why he decides to seduce Lara, a girl that he has never seen before. They bond over their love of poetry and reading, and the attraction between them is so strong that they decide to go on a romantic dinner without having ever seen each other, not even in pictures.

At the same time, a second plot line develops. A police detective finds the body of a student near a ravine just off campus. Presumably, a victim of suicide. In the victim´s pocket, the detective finds a picture of a girl named Lara, along with other evidences. Consequently, the detective must quickly find the underlying cause of this, because he fears that the girl in the picture, Lara, could be in danger.

These two stories intermingle. During the dinner, Lara loosens and opens up about her most intimate stories, whilst her date acts in a very mysterious way and not wanting to talk about his private life at all. Simultaneously, the police find out that the dead guy on the ravine is Gerard, murdered by his roommate, a sexual predator, and who intends to impersonate Gerard by going to the blind date with Lara. From this point forward, it all turns into a dizzying race against the clock to prevent Lara from being killed by Gerard´s impersonator. Thanks to Lara´s phone, the police are able to pinpoint the murderer´s exact location. The youngsters walk together towards their cars in the parking lot, where Lara asks him to dedicate his favorite book to her. As he begins to write, Lara notices that he is writing with his left hand, immediately remembering that Gerard had once told her that he was right-handed. Lara´s instincts step in and she starts to get nervous… if he has lied about this, then what else is he hiding? She decides she won´t get in his car, for that would make it easy for the predator to escape with her. It seems luck is in her favor because, right in the nick of time, the police show up to the scene and save Lara.

There is also an alternate ending in the epilogue, one that concludes a little differently. It tells the story, like in many not-so-fortunate real-life cases, if the police had not shown up on time, just the same as if Lara hadn´t followed her gut feeling. She would have ended up in the hands of a sexual predator and would have probably been found days after in a field somewhere by the police.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Strangers (Desconocidos) is a best-seller, and a recipient of the most prestigious young literature prize, the Edebe Award. Since its publication, it has sold more than sixty-thousand copies and has not dropped from the list of best-sellers. David Lozano´s literary phenomenon is not only successful nationally; it has also reached México, Chile, Peru and other Latin American countries. His books are well received in various Spanish-speaking countries and he has a legion of fans, both teen and adult.


What the critics have said:

«Lozano takes advantage of the hidden face of the internet to pose the consequences of today´s society, their lifestyle with respect to identity and security. He uses social networks to portray how virtual voyeurism, gender violence, insecurity and loneliness can all lead to the dismemberment of other important feelings like love and friendship, that you can also find on the internet. »


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque.

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