Subsoil (Subsuelo) (TV Series)

What is not said, what is not known, what is hidden.

Summer. A property in the middle of a valley, with a country house and a swimming pool. Beyond the house, the swamp surrounded by the forest.

Eva (19) goes back to the house with her family. No one has been there in the last two years, since the tragic night that ended with the death of Javier (18), son of the friends of Eva’s parents.

Eva and Fabián, her twin brother, were in Javier’s car when they crashed against a truck. Eva was driving without a license, but this was never known. Mabel, her mother, who was the first one to get there, swapped her daughter and Javier’s body.

Fabián was in the back seat and suffered an injury in his spine that paralyzed his legs. He blames Eva for his disgrace, and he mistreats and abuses her. If Eva fights back, Fabián reminds her that he has a video that would immediately send her to jail for homicide. Eva feels trapped.

The unexpected visit of Ana, Javier’s mother, accompanied by her son Ramón, with whom Eva has a secret relationship, complicates everything.

Eva tells Ramón about the abuses of her brother, she lies about what happened the night of the accident, and she manages to convince him to help her end Fabián’s life. But what looked like a perfect plan gets twisted, and Fabián drags Eva to the bottom of the pool with him.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Subsoil (Subsuelo) has been a great commercial success, and has received several prestigious awards such as the Premio Dashiell Hammett, the Premio Novelpol and the Premio Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Marcelo Luján has received other awards like the Premio Ciudad de AlcalḠthe Premio Kutxa Ciudad de San Sebastián, or the Premio Ciudad de Getafe, among others. His novels have been translated into French, Italian, German, English y Czech. Subsoil (Subsuelo) has been published in the Czech Republic.  It has quickly reached the fourth edition.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech.