The Arrow Collector Saga (Saga El coleccionista de flechas)

The Arrow Collector | The Glacier Crimes

Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest option.

In The Arrow Collector, the peace of a remote Patagonian village is shattered when one of the neighbors is found dead and tortured in his own home. The police discover an indigenous arrowhead that could be part of the famous Panasi collection: arrows carved 6,000 years ago by the Tehuelche people, which hold the answer to one of the most important archaeological mysteries of our time. A collection that no one has ever seen but would be worth millions on the black market if found. For Laura, an expert in criminology, this is the case of a lifetime. She must be very careful as she had just had an affair with the deceased person, which she hides from her superiors.

The homicide is brutal, and since the thief left parts of the collection behind in his escape, chaos ensues among millionaire collectors, treasure traffickers, and innovative scientists. Everyone wants the stolen arrows and is willing to do anything to get them.

Determined not to let this opportunity slip away, Laura hires Alberto Castro, an expert archaeologist in the field, to assist her, unaware that finding the arrows could validate Alberto’s hypothesis about the collection and bring him worldwide recognition. Laura finds herself drawn into a dangerous search through the most remote corners of Patagonia. The further she advances in her investigation, the farther she seems to be from the answer: is the thief and the murderer the same person? Surrounded by deceit and injustice, Laura must decide whether to abide by the law or follow her heart and keep certain discoveries a secret.

In The Glacier Crimes, Laura has been removed from her position for going against police protocol and finds herself in a bureaucratic limbo. Exiled in Chalten, the inhospitable southern region of Argentina, she is determined to regain her position within the criminology department. Julián lives in Barcelona and has just learned that his father had a brother he never knew about, and he has just received an unexpected inheritance from him: an abandoned hotel in “the end” of the world. This is the perfect excuse for Julián to leave Barcelona for a few days and distance himself from his recent breakup. Upon arriving in Chalten, Julián discovers a mummified body in one of the hotel’s wardrobes, which is closely related to the glacier where his uncle was found frozen and shot in the chest. They will not be the only victims.

Nobody has reported the disappearance of the deceased people, there are no traces, and the local police don’t seem particularly interested in the case. It’s the opportunity Laura has been waiting for — she must solve the mystery to earn forgiveness from her superiors and regain her position.

Laura and Julián will start working together and discover that all the bodies have something in common: a wolf-shaped ring. They belonged to an ancient brotherhood called the Brotherhood of the Wolf, consisting of a select group of students who practiced strange rituals. The brotherhood does not take kindly to Julián asking so many questions, especially since his father and uncle have a long and dark history with the brotherhood.

Laura finds herself at a crossroads once again— should she follow the rules dictated by the law or remain silent?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: An exciting, mysterious, and rhythmic saga which has sold over 40,000 copies and won the Amazon Literary Award. Glacier Crimes is the highly anticipated second part with over 25,000 copies sold. The arrow collector has been translated to English and both books have been translated into French. The saga has spent weeks and weeks in the top 100 best-selling books on Amazon. Glacier Crimes is among the best-selling thriller books, reaching the #1 spot in Amazon’s Private Investigators category.

What people have said about the novel:

“Round, perfect, nothing needs to be added at all. This guy has a promising future.” Jordi Sierra i Fabra

“Perfectly set, good descriptions that transport you to Patagonia in an investigation full of clues and suspects that the author knows how to dose perfectly to get you into the plot.” Goodreads

“Cristian Perfumo brings us the magic of Patagonia wrapped in the mystery of solid and agile detective novels that leave no one indifferent. A true revelation.” Jordi Sierra i Fabra

“If you haven’t read Cristian Perfumo, I invite you to do so, as it’s worth experiencing a black-criminal adventure in Patagonia. Perfumo always manages to transport you with a special magic to the time and place where his stories take place.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, French, and English.

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