The Attic of Dreams (El desván de los sueños)

A fresh start.

Tina, at thirty-two, is starting a new life in Madrid. She has just come out of a complicated marriage. Her ex-husband Mario, handsome, brilliant, successful, and from a wealthy family, had a hidden side. Tina gradually ceased to exist during their marriage, becoming a puppet in her husband’s hands.

Now, she doesn’t just have a new apartment and independence, she also has a job at The Attic of Dreams, a charming and cozy neighbourhood bookstore. In the small and lonely dining room of her new home, she often hears the voices of her neighbors, especially Diego’s voice. Diego is a young executive who had been promised a promotion at his dream job abroad, but everything changed when he was left in charge of his eight-year-old nephew, Hugo, who forced him to give up his life plans. Tina frequently overhears their arguments and becomes ever so curious about their story.

One day, Diego meets Tina in the elevator. After Tina offers to give Hugo private lessons, an undeniable chemistry sparks between them. They both feel a powerful attraction, but Tina still carries the open wounds from her ex-husband and is unsure about giving love a second chance.

Tina will also have the unconditional support of her endearing father and her loving sister and confidante, Diana. But will Tina be able to leave behind all the pain from the past and fully embrace a promising future?

The Attic of Dreams is a love story which burns slowly, an endearing and fully contemporary romantic comedy with a gentle tone. A woman trying to find herself once again, a frustrated man trying to find a new path. Two people destined to meet who, unknowingly, will help each other much more than they can imagine.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: This story is led by two people in their thirties who, for different reasons, must get ready for an unexpected future.

In addition to its romantic side, the book explores two significant themes: family and friendship. The characters navigate through a series of life changes, which are portrayed with allure and effectiveness throughout the story.

Elena Montagud has achieved notable success with her self-published works and is considered one of Spain’s most important voices in romantic literature.


What the critics have said:

“Elena Montagud is one of the best romance authors in our country.” Elle

“Much like any other book by Elena, [The Attic of Dreams] is written with a marvellous sensitivity that captivates you from the very beginning. It draws you in so deeply that you’re unable to put the book down.” Amazon

“It is a moving novel; realistic due to the themes it tackles such as gender violence and lack of communication within the family. As always, the author surprises me with her sensitivity.” Goodreads

The Attic of Dreams is a fast-paced novel, very enjoyable. From the first pages, you connect with the story and its characters.” Anika Entre Libros


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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