The Bonds of Interest (Los intereses creados)

Leandro and Crispín arrive to a prosperous small city seeking a strike of good luck to improve their lives. Given that Leandro is the youngest and more handsome of them, they decide that he will play the role of a young and attractive lord travelling with his assistant, played by Crispín. With this fake identity, Leandro wants to seduce the daughter of the richest and most powerful man in town, Polichinela. Thus, the difficult path of making their way into a closed society begins so he can gain the recognition someone of his prestige should have. To do so, they establish relations with people who put them in position. As they do not have a single cent, not even to dress, they create a string of debts after asking for loans from the local shops. The debts grow but no one suspects. After some time and having consolidated Leandro’s social image, he starts to attend the parties organized by the jet set. In one of the parties, at Polichinela’s house, he presents his daughter Silvia to Leandro, as he considers the young man as a good catch. Even though the relationship between Leandro and Silvia began for economical reason, their love begins to turn real right before the truth is about to come to light to complicate their romance and the lives of several characters.


RELEVANT DATA: The Bonds of Interest is one of the most acclaimed plays by Jacinto Benavente. Action takes place in a city where different characters live a large variety of plots, obeying to love, economic or power interests. Even though Benavente sets the story in Italy, it can easily be translated to any place or time.

Benavente won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1922. He treated all the theatrical genres and developed a broad gallery of human characters. Many of his plays have been taken to cinema with success and many versions for TV have been made. Benavente’s dialogues are excellent, full with irony. He has been compared to Oscar Wilde.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Greek, Arabic, German, Czech.

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