The Bridesman

The past is knocking at your door.

Micha is an Israeli expatriate living in Los Angeles, where he leads a quiet life and works as a ghostwriter. One day, he receives an unexpected invitation. Adella, his uncle’s wife, has sent him a plane ticket to Israel and a hotel reservation for him to meet with her.

Micha was their best man and remembers her as a rebellious, lower-class, and awkward young woman, who did not fit the standards of his family. So, he is astonished when he discovers a sensual, self-confident, and serene Adella who has little in common with the anxious girl he knew.

Nothing can prepare Micha for the surprise she has in store for him. A forgotten past and a startling present are about to change everything.


RELEVANT DATA: Savyon Liebrecht is one of the most significant contemporary Israeli writers in the industry, creator of numerous plays, as well as successful novels that have been adapted for the screen on several occasions. Named Israel’s Playwright of the Year, Liebrecht has been awarded the Alterman Prize, the Amelia Rosselli Award, the Maior Amalfi Prize, and the WIZO Award, among others.

The Bridesman is an intimate and evocative novel that reminds us of movies like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It has been adapted into a play and will soon be performed at the prestigious Beit Lessin Theater in Tel Aviv.


What critics have said:

“This book is a haute couture creation.” – Yediot Aharonot.

“The excellent characters Micha and Adela remind us that Savyon Liebrecht is one of the best writers we have” – LaIsha.

“With rich language, Liebrecht manages to tell two different narratives, with different rhythms and perspectives, but that still seem to be a single story of personal growth.” – Makor Rishon.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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