The Cases of Inspector Cito and Wee Chou Fear Saga (Saga Inspector Cito y Chin Mi Edo)

A very Helpful Assistant | The Missing Mummy | The Night Visitor | A day at the Races | A Close Call Investigation | Mystery at the World Cup | New Year in China | Intrigue at the Umbrella Factory | A very Magnetic Mystery | Special Mystery: Scary fun!

Two opposite poles become the inseparable tandem of the Department of Strange, Mysterious, and Superdifficult Cases.

Inspector Cito, a detective worldwide famous for his wit that works at the Department of Strange, Mysterious and Superdifficult Cases, is a short and chaotic man. In him, one can find all the features of the archetypical detective. He is clumsy and funny as Inspector Clouseau, he always brings with him all sort of gadgets, as Inspector Gadget, and he is obsessed with food, just like detective Pepe Caravalho.

One day, Cito’s boss orders him to mentor a trainee from China who wears the typical clothing from the 18th century, Wee Chou Fear. He has come to learn Inspector Cito’s techniques of investigation.

Their first case will be the robbery of an old and luxurious tableware from Lord McEuro’s house. The thief only (and mysteriously) left the golden cutlery. As the case is finally solved by Wee Chou Fear, Inspector Cito asks him to become his loyal partner in the following cases.

They will have to get to Egypt, where a mummy seems to have abandoned the museum where it used to rest. Once again, it will be inspector Wee Chou Fear the one to solve the case, while Inspector Cito will only focus on the fact that there is no Spanish omelet in Cairo.

In a different adventure, they will get to London, where the Queen’s favorite racehorse has disappeared. Despite Cito being cranky because he cannot find any chocolate with Churros, they will find the missing horse thanks to some popcorns and a blur of white paint.

Cito and Wee Chou Fear will also travel to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Cito will discover a new gastronomy he will enjoy as much as the Spanish one. However, what it was going to be relaxing holiday, turns into a new case waiting to be solved. Mr. Scream disappears just before his concert. Once again, the couple will start their investigations to find out the mystery behind this incident.

Two inspectors from different culture whose paths will cross to form the greatest team to solve the strangest and most bizarre mysteries on Earth.


RELEVANT DATA: The Inspector Cito and Wee Chou Fear saga is composed of 13 instalments. The saga has been an international success, having sold over 170 000 copies, and it has been translated to over a dozen languages, besides being edited in thirteen countries. It is available in Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, French, Thai and Turkish, among others.

It is a saga packed with comedy and a homage to the classical detective stories.

For the youngest in the family, these adventures mean their first introduction into detective stories. Its simplicity, mixed with comedy, is the key of its huge success, as the children are able to make simple deductions and solve the cases on their own.


What the critics have said:

“The chemistry between the two main characters, so different from each other, works perfectly”. Leer

“Iturbe plays with all the topics of the genre, avoiding violence and unnecessary gruesomeness and focusing on wit, deduction talents and shrewdness of detectives”. El País


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Arabic.

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