The Children of Morelia (Los niños de Morelia)(TV Series Original Project)

During the Spanish Civil War, the government of the Republic accepted the offer of the Mexican authorities to take in a big number of children to take them away from the horrors of war. This is how Antonia, a Spanish school teacher who saw her students die in a bombing by the Nationalist faction, decides to volunteer to be part of the group of teachers that will lead the expedition.

The problems start when the teenagers, imitating their anarchist parents, burn the church of Morelia (Mexico), thus gaining the enmity of the local authorities and of many Mexicans, especially of the fascist group of “Camisas Doradas”. The teenagers start getting out of hand. The run away, they become quite rebellious acts and unwanted pregnancies start happening.

Antonia’s life changes when she is promoted to headmaster of the school, and two men fight for her heart. She remains faithful to her husband, with the hope that, someday, they will reunite.

However, neither Antonia nor the children will go back to Spain after Franco’s victory, thus becoming the first exiled Spaniards in Mexico. This is how the adventures of a group of characters whose homeland was taken away start, when they see themselves forced to start from scratch in a land with a culture and a society very different from the one they knew back home.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: This original TV project is based on true events. In it, Antonio Onetti presents a group of very relatable characters. Nowadays, there are still many remainders of that group of people who crossed the Atlantic ocean running away from the war and trying to avoid the repression of a dictatorial regime.

Onetti is a well-known Spanish screenwriter, winner of many international awards like the Premio Amaltea, the Sala Imperdible, the Royal Court Theater Playwrights Award, or the Teatro Puerto Real. He was also nominated to the Premios Max de Teatro.

He has worked in many successful TV shows like The Cathedral of the Sea, Amar es para siempre, or Cuéntame cómo pasó. He was also de co-creator of Amar en tiempos revueltos, a TV show that accompanied the Spanish audience daily for more than six years.




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