The Church (La iglesia)

Is there an evil that is older and more powerful than God Himself?

Ernesto Larraz is a Spanish priest who has been teaching at a high school for years. But after a controversial case of assaulting a minor, he is removed from teaching and sent to Ceuta. There, the diocese assigns him the task of reopening the church of San Jorge, which had been closed eight years prior, following the apparent suicide, under strange circumstances, of its parish priest.

It looks like the temple will be ready for worship in a couple of weeks, after some minor restoration work. However, when they begin the work, Ernesto and his colleague discover a hidden crypt beneath the church floor, and inside it, covered by a sheet, a carving of a Crucified Christ.

The discovery itself is not unusual, but the expression of the sculpture is quite grotesque, with excessive scratches, wounds, and bruises that give the surroundings a terrifying aura. Moreover, strange events start happening to anyone who encounters the carving: the technical architect experiences hallucinations that lead her to throw herself out of a window, her colleague’s daughter begins behaving suspiciously, and the workers suffer inexplicable accidents.

At first, Ernesto refuses to associate them with the simple wooden sculpture because that would mean admitting that the haunting is real. However, the phenomenon becomes increasingly frequent and worrying.

There comes a point where there is no choice but to accept that what is happening in the church cannot be explained rationally. This leads Ernesto and his colleague to embark on an intense and dark investigation to uncover what happened to his predecessor in this place, where the carving of Jesus Christ comes from, what its history is, who sculpted it, and most importantly, how to put an end to the aura of danger that threatens both the temple and the people who enter its doors.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Church is a supernatural horror story with a gloomy and unsettling atmosphere that keeps the viewer in constant tension. Its characters are everyday people with whom it is easy to empathize; people who try to solve the problem at hand and make decisions to protect their loved ones.

The author, Alberto Caliani, has received very positive reviews on literary platforms and has a loyal readership. He has ranked first on Amazon best-seller lists and he’s won the Pandemia Award. The Church is reminiscent of projects such as The Nun, The Unholy, and The Rite.


What the critics and readers have said:

“An obstacle race where The Church by Alberto M. Caliani doesn’t just jump over every fence on its way, but it also does it with style.” Autopsias Literarias (blog)

“A novel between thriller and adventure. A thrilling read.” La Vanguardia

“Maybe I still haven’t found faith, but Alberto M. Caliani made me want to go search for it, just in case…” Goodreads.

“Alberto has an impeccable style that continuously seduces you.” Amazon

“Una novela para pasar miedo”.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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