The Curses (Las maldiciones) (Film/TV Series)

The dramatic consequences of political power.  
Román Sabaté is a young 30-year-old man who arrives in Buenos Aires along with his flatmate, Sebastián Petit. Sebastián aspires to fulfill his dream of being part of the political party PRAGMA, led by Fernando Rovira. However, it is Román who ultimately accepts the vacant position, and even ends up becoming Rovira’s private secretary.
There is a big obstacle in Fernando Rovira’s political career: the Alsina curse, which proclaims that no governor from Buenos Aires will ever get to be president, at least not through the popular vote.
To avoid the curse and become President, Fernando Rovira plans a controversial political strategy that will be of great impact in the media. He wants to create a divide in Buenos Aires.
During the political campaign, Rovira’s wife is found dead under strange circumstances. From this moment onwards, and due to Rovira’s authoritarian behavior and extremist ideology, Román suspects that Rovira might have had something to do with the crime and starts thinking that his life is in danger. Therefore, he decides to run away with Rovira’s son, Joaquín.
On the other hand, Sebastián Petit manages to enter PRACMA and gets several promotions until he is in charge of Rovira’s plan of dividing Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, his friendship with Román will make him hesitate about carrying out the project that will certainly create political and social instability.
The Curses (Las maldiciones) is a political thriller that will try to unveil reveal Rovira’s wife’s murderer and break the Alsina curse –or maybe not.
RELEVANT DATA: The Curses (Las maldiciones) has received international recognition and excellent reviews from readers. Claudia Piñeiro, known as Argentina’s Noir Novel Queen,  is one of the most acclaimed voices in contemporary Latin American literature. She is the most translated Argentine author after Borges and Cortázar, and one of the most adapted Spanish-speaking authors for film and TV today.
Among her many awards are the Clarín Award, the Latin American Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature, the Pléyade Award, the ACE Award, the LiBeraturpreis Award, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and the Pepe Carvalho Award. She was also a  finalist for the Planeta Argentina Award and the La Sonrisa Vertical Award, as well as having been selected in the Edebé Publishing Contest.
What the critics have said:
“Claudia Piñeiro is a great novelist who engages you and makes you want to read everything about her. The Curses (Las maldiciones) is a must-read.” Amazon
“Claudia narrates in an excellent, impeccable and brilliant way. It’s a gripping novel that you won’t be able to stop reading.” Goodreads
AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, German, French, Italian and Polish.