The defenses (Las defensas)

One case in three billion.

One case in three billion. A novel based in the incredible true story of a doctor who suffered from the illness that he was investigating, and who was always sure of having received the wrong diagnosis. Gabi Martínez rebuilds the true story of doctor Escudero, a neurologist who suffered an outbreak of madness during which he tried to hurt his loved ones. After the wrong diagnosis, he was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and was treated for a mental illness he did not have by his own colleagues. In that moment, his fight for the truth started, and he had to face the whole medical community. Incredibly, it turned out he had a rare neurological illness not yet discovered, a rare autoimmune disease that he had investigated himself.

The story of doctor Escudero is the story of the last 40 years of the Spanish health care system, a system that is completely outdated, corporative and focused in economic interests. It is the story of the scientists who struggle to get funds for medical investigation. And the story of an ordinary man who destroyed his family in his obsession for medicine, and who had to become a fighter to make his way through the obstacles of a healthcare system, fighting against bullying, bureaucracy and stress.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Gabi Martínez is a Spanish writer whose work has been recognized with several awards. He was chosen by Palgrave/MacMillan Publishing House as one of the five authors that are most representative of the Spanish avant garde of the last twenty years. He was awarded with the Premio al Mejor Libro de No Ficción del Año de Condé Nast Traveller, and the Premio Continuará de TVE. His works have been chosen by Qué Leer as Best Non-Fiction Book


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Film, TV Movie, Miniseries, TV Series.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, French, Italian.

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