The Disorder of your Name (El desorden de tu nombre) (Film)

An impossible love story in the middle of feverish deliria, psychoanalysts and frustrated dreams.

Julio Orgaz is a divorced man with the frustrated dream of becoming a writer. In contrast, he has a high position in a publishing house in which he is in charge of making the final decision on which books are to be published. In addition, he also uses other writer’s rejected to make them of his own. He is stuck in  his ex-lover’s death, Teresa, for whom he decided to divorce his wife. To overcome this trauma, he attends Dr. Rodó’s office, his therapist.

Julio suffers frequent auditory hallucinations: he hears “La Internacional”, the social-communist anthem, which brings to his mind the image of late Teresa, and he perceives the presence of an alter ego that guides him in certain situations. Laura’s fortuitous arrival in his life makes Julio reconsider his situation.

Laura is his psychoanalyst’s wife, but their marriage is not going well and she no longer has feelings for him, so she doesn’t hesitate to have an affair with Julio. Julio, moreover, due to a strong fever that affects him psychologically, begins to see a great physical resemblance between Laura and Teresa.

The crazy emotional situation he is living and his frustrated dream as a novelist makes Julio (or his alter ego) start writing The Disorder of your Name, a novel based on the love triangle he is experiencing. Carlos Rodó will discover Laura’s infidelity, and Laura will decide to end her relationship with Julio. But Laura changes her mind and poisons her husband to get rid of him, so she continues her relationship with Julio.

A story between reality and fiction that deals with universal themes such as the loss of a lover, marriages stuck in a rut, and the eagerness to fulfill unfulfilled dreams.


RELEVANT DATA: Juan José Millás’ works have travelled around the world, with translations into more than 15 languages and publications in over twenty countries. He has won numerous literary awards, including the Nadal Award, the Planeta Award, the Primavera Award, the Miguel Delibes National Journalism Award, the National Narrative Award, the Sésamo Novel Award, and the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award.

The Disorder of your Name is one of the most notorious novels of the renowned writer and journalist. With translations into several languages, it has been strongly acclaimed by the critics. It highlights the psychological complexity of the characters, with whom the reader easily empathizes. They have very well developed personalities that captivate the audience from the very beginning.


Critics say:

“Juan José Millás moves between actual reality and the hypothetical one, creating a singular novel in which the desire to live and the desire to love merge”. – Rolling Stone

“A seductive and joyful book, a classic novel by Juan José Millás”. – Alfaguara

“Millás plays with fiction and reality, and one never knows what will happen in the main plot or in the stories within it. It feels like all possibilities can take place”. – The Reader

“A story that starts in a simple way but little by little goes in crescendo towards a very complex plot. Characters have psychological depth and very interesting motivations”. – Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Film in development.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese.