The Entrevientos Heist

She worked for them for years. Now she’s going to strip them of everything they´ve got.


Noelia Vlader is determined to return to Entrevientos, a gold and silver mine situated in the most remote part of the Patagonia; a mine from which she was also fired a little over a year ago. The mine has not changed much; it is still one of the most extraordinary gold mines in the world. But for Noelia, nicknamed Minerva, it has become her biggest target. Now it is a big red “X” on the map she uses to detail the robbery… now it is the place from which she plans to steal five thousand kilograms of gold. However, as detailed as the plan may be, unexpected events could arise.

She will not be able to do it alone, although Noelia has had her fair share of experiences in the criminal world. It has been fourteen years since then, which is why she gathers a group of five criminals, each one highly qualified to help carry out the plan. She begins by reestablishing contact with a legendary bank robber to whom she owes her life.

Tensions grow between the people of the group, and Minerva hides secrets from her past life – including the motive for the robbery that she has carefully planned.

If the plan goes smoothly, the press will run wild with the story. However, they only have two hours before the police ruin it all.


RELEVANT DATA: The Entrevientos Heist (Los ladrones de Entrevientos) has appeared numerous times in Amazon Spain and Amazon USA´s Top 10. Once again, Cristian Perfumo uses the setting and scenery par excellence of his novels, the Argentine Patagonia, taking the reader through the most remote arid areas, abandoned villages and the coast, in a dizzying and intriguing thriller.

“A thriller with touches of The Money Heist, but in Patagonia.” Goodreads

“Once again, Cristian Perfumo manages to convince his readers, with a book full of tension and suspense.” La ventana de Lira (literary blog)

Cristian Perfumo’s works have sold tens of thousands of copies around the world and have positioned themselves among the best sellers in digital format. With dozens of editions of each work, Perfumo is thought of as one of the new voices of the Latin American thrillers. His works have been translated into English and French, and are winners of renowned awards such as the Amazon Literary Award. He is also a finalist for the Clarín Award, one of the most important literary awards in Latin America.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



THEMES: Theft, Criminals, Robbery, Investigation, Detective, Justice, Friendship, Plan.

GENRE: Drama, Thriller, Action.



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