The face-down cards (Las cartas boca abajo)

The work reflects the relationships and tensions that are lived in the bosom of a family formed by the brothers Mauro, Anita and Adela, the husband of the last one, Juan and their son, Juanito. The behavior of Adela before life and with those who surround her causes the unhappiness of the whole family.

To this must be added the defiant attitude of Juanito, who wants to leave home because he feels suffocated in it; the presence of Anita, Adela’s sister, who is a mute accusation to her capricious attitude; and the gaunt of Mauro, a rogue with no luck. In this way, Adela has before her the catalog of victims she has been treasuring for her tremendous selfishness. But everyone has a hidden game, some “face-down cards”.


RELEVANT FACTS: The play shows the relationship and tensions in a family in a situation with economic difficulties and tense emotions.

Buero Vallejo is the great theatrical author of the twentieth century. He won the Premio Miguel de Cervantes (1986) and the Premio Nacional de las Letras Españolas (1996). In addition, he has received in four occasions the Premio Nacional de Teatro and also the Honorary Max Theatre Award, among many other distinctions.


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie


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